Zhexi Grand Canyon

Sitting at the border of Hangzhou and Anhui, Zhexi Grand Canyon is 110 kilometers away from Hangzhou. It takes you about an hour and forty minutes’ drive. Inside the canyon, the mountains are high and majestic, being outstretched ranges of the Yellow Mountain. Water originating from the Qiantang River system runs with rapid currents.

With a total length of 80 kilometers, the ring-shaped canyon has three scenic sections. The first section is called Longjing Canyon. This is an 18-kilometer canyon with exotic peaks, graceful waterfalls, perilous rocks and steep cliffs. The second section is called Shangxi Canyon, which stretches to a length of 26 kilometers. It is known as the only place where chicken-blood stones can be found. The third section is called Zhemen Canyon, which runs for about 30 kilometers. The layers of mountains and waterfalls make its scenery unique. Only the first section is open to tourists at present.

Major Tourist Attractions

White Horse Cliff

The main scenery is a stream. Travel paths are alongside the stream, winding around the mountain. Along the way, you can enjoy lots of rocks, peaks, cliffs and stones.

Laodui Stream

It is a piece of shoal land where two streams interchange. In the past, it was the place where local farmers made water mills. Once there were dozens of water mills there, which formed various groups of water mills. Owing to the use of electric machines in food processing nowadays, the use of water mills in rice milling has become history. As a result, the land on which those waters mills stood became a wasteland. Now this wasteland has been developed into a scenic spot. Some water mills have been rebuilt based on the original water mill groups. Tourists can enjoy the scenery there.

Cormorant Pool

This is the first scenic spot you can enjoy when you step into the canyon. In the past, this was a place inhabited by many cormorants. The main scenery is the clear pool. The Qingyu Hillock near the lake is heavily damaged with a hundred holes and a thousand scars due to water erosion.

Zhelin Waterfall

Zhelin Waterfall Scenic Area is located in the stream area of the Zhelin Pit Mountains and the rocks are marvelous while the trees are verdant there. The main features are the upper waterfall and the lower waterfall. The upper waterfall is called Longmen Waterfall, which looks like a wide curtain hanging in the air. The lower waterfall is called Yansheng Waterfall, which looks like a long, thin and soft chain.

Ticket price for the whole scenic area: 110 RMB per person

Ticket price for each scenic section: 60 RMB per person

Opening times: 07:00-17:30 from March 2nd to November 30th; 08:00-16:00 from December 1st to March 1st.

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Ti 2012-07-16
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I plan to go to Hangzhou from Shanghai by train. But I heard we have to make a reservation three days before. is that true?
Dear Ti, Generally speaking, the train ticket will be sold about 10 days before the departure. To book a train ticket is not like booking flight ticket, which can be hold using your full name and passport number. Many Chinese people will buy the train ticket, so it is not easy to buy it in China. There are many trains between Hangzhou to Shanghai, you could buy it on the day, but if you would like to take an appointed train, I suggest you buy the ticket in advance. If you would like to realize the timeschedule, please click this link to check:http://www.chinahighlights.com/china-trains/ Lussie Lu replied on 2012-07-17
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I would like to leave Hangzhou by bullet train in the morning and arrive in Shanghai Railway Station (not the South Station). Can someone please tell me if there are any available trains and the schedule? And how many luggages can I carry on board? Thank you.
Hi Mei Qi, you can take D5472(0749--0935) or D5674(1137--13:23). Those trains will be arriving in Shanghai Railway Station. There is no specific policy regards to the amount of luggages you can carry on board. Michael Hu replied on 2010-10-05
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