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Lord Bao’s Cemetery

The full name of this cemetery is the Tomb Yard of Lord Bao Xiaoshu. It covers an area of 3 hectares, and there is 3000 square meters of building area. It is a relatively well preserved ancient cemetery in China. The Tomb Yard Cemetery is closely linked to the Memorial Temple. It borders Wuhu Road to the south, Baohe River to the north, Ya-Ming Museum of Art to the east and Qingfeng Chamber to the west.

Lord Bao, his wife and his siblings were buried. Lord Bao once said, "My siblings won't be allowed to be buried here when they die if they are corrupt.”

The Tomb Yard consists of a main cemetery, a stele passageway, his wife's tomb, an underground tomb and a management area. The main tomb is in the shape of an inverted bucket. Inside is an epitaph and a 2.4-meter-long golden wooden coffin with the remains of Bao Zheng. Another tomb on the north side is that of Bao Zheng's wife and their siblings. The whole tomb area is kept quiet.

There are two watchtowers on either side of the tomb gate. One is 6.4 meters high, and the other one is 4.5 meters high. They are called "Mother and Son Watchtowers."The tradition of building watchtowers on both sides of a tomb gate began during the Western Han Dynasty. There are few well preserved cemetary watchtowers in China.