Hefei Food

Due to Hefei's location, it has the cuisine styles of surrounding regions, but it still retains the style of its own cuisine. Visitors to Hefei can have special dishes like Lord Bao Fish, Caocao Chicken, Grape Shape Fish, Stir-Fried Shrimp and Luzhou Roast Duck.

In addition, it is a must for travellers to taste Li Hongzhang Hodgepodge Cuisine. It is said that this dish was an invention of the Li Hongzhang's chef once when Li Hongzhang treated some American guests. It is fragrant and tastes delicious.

There are some famous places for travellers to dine, such as Huangshan Restaurant on Bengbu Road, Huaishang Restaurant on Changjiang Zhong Road  and Luyang Village Restaurant on Huaihe River Road.

Hefei's snacks are also very special. Honggao, Baiqie, Cunjin  are recommended high quality specialties that are made with refined sesame seeds and choice white sugar, flour and sesame oil. It is cooked with a special technique. These cookies are crisp, sweet, and fragrant. These snacks can be bought in a store called Zhang Shunxin that is one hundred years old.

Travellers can enjoy hot pot meals all year around in Hefei. The Tai Mei Hot Pot Restaurant is a good choice because of the food's hot taste and cheap price. The soup base only charges 5 Yuan, and 70-80 Yuan is enough for 5 people enjoy their dinner. Another famous restaurant for hot pot is Shushan Restaurant. It has many branches around the city and a good dining atmosphere. Hot pot is a Chinese style of cooking in which a cooking pot filled with soup base is set on a table, and the guests order the ingredients and cook their meal themselves.

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