Hefei Transportation


From the airport to downtown Hefei, travellers can take the No.11 bus. The bus comes every few minutes and makes about 25 stops. The bus fare is 1 RMB. Travellers can also take a taxi. The taxi fare is about 32 RMB. If you take the taxi, bring small notes and change to avoid counterfeit currency or being cheated, and make sure that your driver turns the meter on, or he might charge a higher price.

Travellers can also take a No. 11 bus to get to Hefei Bus Station , and then take a taxi to the airport from there. This takes about 15 minutes or so.


There are two railway stations in Hefei. One is the Heifei Railway Station that is located in Hefei New Railway Station Comprehensive Development Experimental Zone. It is the intersection of three national key trunk railways and the largest passenger station in Anhui Province. The trains departing from there can reach Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hankou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Shangqiu, Shenzhen West and provincial cities like Bengbu, Huaibei, Bozhou and Huangshan. To get to the station, travellers can take a No.11 bus that goes to the downtown area, the bus station and the airport.

The other station, Hefei Western Railway Station, is located in the west end of Wangjiang Road and can be reached by city bus No.111 from Hefei Railway Station. The station serves trains reaching Nanchang and other cities every day. In addition, the station is one stop of the track lines of the Shanghai - Anqing, the Hefei - Anqing, and the Hefei - Shenzhen railways.

City Transportation

City Bus

Currently, there are about 100 bus lines in Hefei City. The bus fare is usually 1 Yuan. Transportation within the city is very convenient. There are regular buses to most of the scenic spots in Hefei.


At present, there are two kinds of taxis, Santana and Xiali that differ in price. The fare of a Xiali taxi in Hefei is 6 yuan for the first 2.5 kilometres. That for a Santana is 8 yuan. Subsequent kilometres also differ in price: Santanas charge 1.2 for subsequent kilometres, and Xialis charge 1 RMB. At night, Xiali taxis charge 1.2 yuan per kilometre, and Santanas charge 1.44 yuan.


Hefei has three main bus stations named Hefei Bus Station, Hefei Long-distance Bus Station and Hefei Tour Bus Station. Hefei Bus Station, also known as the passenger terminal, is located near Heifei Railway Station. It serves regular buses to districts like Feidong District, Feixi District and Changfei District. Hefei Long-distance Bus Station is located at No.168 Mingguang Road. The regular buses in this station mainly go to cities outside the province such as Nanjing and Shanghai. Buses to Shanghai depart every an hour, and the fare is 150 yuan. Hefei Tour Bus Station is located at Zhanqian Road, 500 meters east from the Heifei Railway Station.

Travellers can take the No.11 buses from Hefei Long-distance Bus Station to the airport and the railway station.

Questions and Answers About Hefei Transportation

murielle 2014-02-11
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closest cheap hotel to Hefei new airport?
Hi Murielle, please go to this website to check it: http://www.chinahighlights.com/hotel/ Whitney Liao replied on 2014-02-12
Dave 2011-04-08
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How do I get to Bozhou from Hefei? How much does it cost?
Hi, I think you could choose to go there by train. Here is the train schedule and prices: Train No. / Duration / Price(seats or hard sleeper) 2040 08:03 - 12:42 Seats 25 K8416 14:38 - 18:35 Seats 51 K1264/K1265 18:10 - 22:21 Seats 51 Hard Sleeper 105 K8366/K8367 05:15 - 09:33 Seats 51 Hard Sleeper 105 K1012/K1013 18:48 - 23:01 Seats 51 Hard Sleeper 105 For more information please contact the railway station. Thanks again for visiting our website. Wish you have a nice day. Kevin Ma@Chinahighlights Kevin Ma replied on 2011-04-09
can you also tell me the times of a return train to Hefei from Bozhou? Thanks so much! guest replied on 2011-04-09
Hi, FIY, here is the train schedule to Hefei from Bozhou. Train No. / Duration / Price(seats or hard sleeper) K1263 / K1266 00:13 - 04:24 Seats 51 Hard Sleeper 105 Soft Sleeper 153 2275 / 2278 03:45 - 07:52 Seats 45 Hard Sleeper 99 Soft Sleeper 147 K60 / K61 04:10 - 08:00 Seats 51 Hard Sleeper 105 Soft Sleeper 153 K8415 08:30 - 12:34 Seats 51 2039 09:58 - 14:45 Seats 25 K655 / K658 22:17 - 02:17 Seats 51 Hard Sleeper 105 Soft Sleeper 153 1427 22:27 - 02:24 Seats 45 Hard Sleeper 99 Soft Sleeper 147 K1109 22:36 - 02:31 Seats 51 Hard Sleeper 105 Soft Sleeper 153 1152 / 1153 22:51 - 03:45 Seats 45 Hard Sleeper 99 Soft Sleeper 147 K1011 / K1014 23:04 - 03:24 Seats 51 Hard Sleeper 105 Soft Sleeper 153 Thanks again for visiting our website. Wish you have a nice day. Kevin Ma@Chinahighlights Kevin Ma replied on 2011-04-10
Wendy 2011-02-15
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Hello, where do I catch a bus to get from Hefei to Huangshan Tunxi? Thanks!
Hi, Thanks for visiting our website. There are several buses from Hefei to Huangshan. You could take one from the Hefei bus station. There will be a bus after 1 hour from 7 am. If you need further information please feel free to contact me. Wish you a nice trip to Huangshan. Kevin Ma@chinahighlights.com Kevin Ma replied on 2011-02-18
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