Luhua Hot Spring


Luhua Hot Spring is on the way from the central city of Hezhou to Gupo Mountain National Forest Park. It is in Luhua Village of Huantian Town.


Luhua Hot Spring is a famous tourist resort for health care (or recuperation).

Brief Introduction:

Luhua Hot Spring is embraced on three sides by green hills and on the other side, there lies a clear creek. Here, tourists can enjoy flying waterfalls, singing creeks and verdant forests. Due to the abundant hot spring water resource, the flow rate of hot spring water in Hezhou can reach 120 ton per hour, with the temperature of 60 ℃ and the sulphur content of 1.5 mg/L. There are 38 kinds of mineral composition in the water which are good to human body including Zn, Mn, Fe and so on. The mineral composition in the hot spring water can help with body building, increase blood circulation and to some extent maintain beauty. Being in a crab-claw-shaped valley, the forests in the mountain are green and luxuriant all the year round. There is a clear creek flowing from east to west. Going upstream this creek, people can see a magnificent waterfall falling from the sky. From the swallet holes nearby, there run many hot springs.

How to Get There:

It takes about 30 minutes and 20 RMB to 30 RMB to take a taxi from Hezhou Bus Station to Luhua Hot Spring. There are buses from Luhua Hot Spring to the central city of Hezhou at 9 :00, 15 :00 and 17 :00. the ticket fare is 3 RMB. If one fails to catch the bus, he/she can take a taxi (with the help of Ticket Office) back. It only takes 35 RMB.