White Pagoda

white pagoda temple

White Pagoda, also called Wanbu Huayanjing Pagoda, was originally built in Liao Dynasty and is well kept after 930 years' history. It is a brick-wood structure about 55.5 meters high and looks magnificent. On the front, there is a stone tablet scripting Ten Thousand Volumes of Huayan Scripture, along with exquisite relief of Buddha, Bodhisattva, Warriors and other Buddha figures. Inside the pagoda, you can find many scriptures and tablet inscriptions written in different languages, including Chinese, Mongolian, Tibetan, Nvzhen, Qidan and language of other ethnic groups. This is a good demonstration of association and exchange between different nationalities in ancient times.

The White Pagoda is the most exquisite one among all pagodas built in Liao Dynasty, and the best time for a visit will be from June to September.