Hohhot Nightlife

As the capital city of Inner Mongolia, in which Mongol Ethnic group has the biggest population except Han nationality, so besides the commonly trendy fun from nightclubs and amusement, the entertainment in Hohhot has its own charms in minority features. Demonstrating your sportsmanship by joining the locals and taking part in camel racing, horse racing, wrestling, archery or dance will be a stirring experience.

Acrobatic Performance

Inner Mongolia Acrobatic Troupe is a famous acrobatic troupe with the acrobatic performances combining traditional acrobatic art and Mongolian dances. Found in 1960, the troupe has showed in as many as 58 countries and 28 shows won international or domestic awards. Visitors in Hohhot interested in the acrobatic, they can visit Inner Mongolia Acrobatic Troupe.

  • Address: No.93, North Xilin Road, Hohhot (浩特市锡林北路93号)
  • Tel: 0471-6964835

Inner Mongolia Horse-racing Track

Located in north Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Horse-racing Track is the largest race course in Asia at present. Visitors can enjoy polo racing, steeplechase, horsemanship, archery mounted gymnastics and other interesting Mongolian sports there. Visitors can get there by bus No.24.

  • Address: North Hulun Road, Hohhot (呼和浩特呼伦贝尔北路)
  • Tel: 0471-6500659
  • Hours: 07:00–21:00

Inner Mongolia Gymnasium

If visitors want to try their hands in sport items like playing basketball, volleyball, badminton, ping-pong and handball, wrestling, boxing and so on.

  • Address: Genghis Khan Avenue, Hohhot (呼和浩特成吉思汗大街)


Fashionable bars and nightclubs are available in some luxury hotels in Hohhot, like Inner Mongolia Hotel (内蒙古大酒店) located at No.31, West Wulanchabu Road (乌兰察布西路31号) and Xin Cheng Hotel (新城宾馆) at No.40, South Hulun Road (呼伦南路40号).


If visitors want to have a more relaxing evening, watching a movie with the localities in the cinema will be a nice option. Following are several cinemas in Hohhot.

Wanda International Cinema (万达国际电影城)

  • Address: No.1, West Zhongshan Road (中山西路1号)
  • Tel: 0471-6924555

Xingang International Cinema (新港电影城)

  • Address: No.10, West Zhongshan Road (中山西路10号)
  • Tel: 0471-8933122

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