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Hohhot Vegetarian Restaurants

Yuqvan District

Yinuo Qianjing Vegetarian Tea Restaurant

Based on the principle that “vegetarian food can add to people’s blessings and wisdom”, the restaurant mainly provides dishes made from melons, fruits, fungi, bean products, coarse cereals, herbal cuisine and so forth. Many dishes imitate meat or fish, the flavor being out of the ordinary. Also, various types of tea are offered there.

  • Chinese name: 伊诺前景素食茶餐厅 Yi’nuo Qianjng Sushi Cha Canting
  • Address: No. 17, Building 11, Fulin Mall, Dazhaoqian Street, Yuquan District玉泉区大召前街福临商城11号楼17号
  • Tel: 0471-5924783
  • QQ: 827686990
  • Opening hours: 9am – 2pm; 5pm – 9pm
  • Transportation: 1) Take Bus 1, 36, 38, 56, 71 or 79 and get off at South Tea Lane (南茶坊); 2) Take Bus 6, 27, 58, 59 or 302 and get off at Tumd School (土默特学校).

Xincheng District

Lianyouzhai Vegetarian Restaurant

Advocating the culture of vegetarian food, both the shop manager and the head chef show an interest in the research of diets and the pathological therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. The warm atmosphere in the restaurant will make you feel at home.

  • Chinese name: 莲友斋素食馆 Lianyouzhai Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Average price per person: 48 yuan
  • Address: inside the lane on the west of the Window Lee Golden Chinese Mansion, Genghis Khan Avenue, Xincheng District 新城区成吉思汗大街维多利金色华府西侧巷内
  • Tel: 139 4881 3131 or 133 8488 0485
  • Opening hours: 11am – 8.30pm
  • Transportation: Take Bus 1, 1 (regular bus), 1 (night bus), 3, 8 (night bus) 10, 32 (night bus), 36 (night bus), 39 (night bus), 66, 66 (Shihu regular bus), 69 (night bus), 183, 190, 219, 236, 541, 544, B8 and get off at the intersection of Beijing Road (北京路口), and then walk about 230 meters.

Saihan District

Wenjie Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Chinese name: 文洁素食Wenjie Sushi
  • Address: South Street, Geosciences Bureau, Saihan District (at the intersection of Renmin Road)赛罕区地质局南街 (人民路口)
  • Tel: 0471-6918889
  • Opening hours: 9am – 6pm
  • Transportation: Take Bus 77 and get off at Xilin Nanlu Primary School (锡林南路小学).