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Dialogue in the Dark

Dialogue in the Dark is an amazing exhibition found across the world and, at this moment, in Hong Kong! The exhibition allows customers to enter the world of the visually impaired and experience the life of a blind individual by walking through a completely dark exhibit that resemble the world outside.

The Hong Kong exhibition is only there for a limited amount of time, so customers should line up now!

The Main Idea

Exhibitions and business workshops are available. Led by visually impaired guides, visitors walk through an environment of complete darkness and learn to use senses other than sight to communicate and continue through the exhibit. Business workshops at Dialogue in the Dark are led by blind professional trainers.

Visitors experience different aspects of the day, such as sounds, temperatures, and textures, that allow them to feel as if they were in a variety of locations. Different areas may resemble a park, a city, or a cafe.

With this incredible experience, people are pulled from the comfort of a world they can see to follow in the footsteps of those who experience the world in a totally different way.

Dialogue in the Dark is all about having a change in perspective. The exhibits are present to allow visitors a chance to appreciate the way the blind view the world - without their eyes.

Once a visitor has walked around in a blind person's world, he or she experiences an entirely new view on how different people view life. Visitors get a taste of a different life and can greatly appreciate their own.

Worldwide Recognition

Exhibitions and workshops have populated over 30 countries in over 110 cities throughout the wold in the past 24 years. Over 7 million people have visited the exhibits and experienced the eye opening walk through Dialogue in the Dark. More than 160 sites have provided people the opportunity to experience this, and now Hong Kong has the same opportunity!

Giving Back

Dialogue in the Dark also provides jobs for visually impaired and blind people. Often, the guides in the exhibit would have difficulty finding a job elsewhere due to a low job market for blind workers.

At Dialogue in the Dark, the jobs are designed especially for those who cannot see! This worldwide exhibition has provided over 7,000 jobs for visually impaired individuals.

Travel Ideas

Dialogue in the Dark does not require any additional packing from visitors, though wearing dark clothes can add to the effect of the darkness. The exhibitions are safe as long as people follow the guides and act orderly in the exhibit. Visitors who love being able to gain a new view on life will enjoy Dialogue in the Dark immensely.

The Beginning

Dialogue in the Dark had its grand opening in Hong Kong in 2010. Since then, it has attracted tourists and natives alike to walk through and enjoy the exhibition.

Open Hours

The hours of the exhibit are from 12pm to 5pm on Monday - Thursday and 12pm to 8pm on Friday.


Shop 215, 2/F, The Household Center, Nob Hill, No.8 King Lai Path, Mei Foo, Kowloon

Since it is within the city of Hong Kong, visitors can ride public transportation to Dialogue in the Dark or use their own transportation.