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How to Get to Hong Kong Airport

The website of Hong Kong International Airport: http://www.hongkongairport.com/eng/index.html

It is very convenient for passengers to get to the airport, including by airport shuttles which links the airport with the business district in Central District, by buses which links the airport with most area in Hong Kong, by taxi, tourist bus and VIP cars.

Taking airport shuttles to the airport is very convenient, and it takes only 24 minutes from the airport to the Central District by airport shuttle. The shuttles are operated from 05:50 am to 01: 15 am in the day, and the shuttle bus usually runs every 12 unities. The last bus leaves the airport at 12:48 pm. There are waiters in each stop for helping passengers carry their luggage.

Hotel shuttle buses are also available, running between the airport and some big hotels in Hong Kong. The counter service is located in C07 and C08 counter in the Tourist Bus Station, Passenger Terminal Building 2, with the telephone number is 00852-3193 9333.

The following is the timetable of airport bus.

LineDestinationFirst Run/Final RunTicket PriceNotice
“A” Lines - Airport Bus Service
A10Ap Lei Chau Estate (鴨脷洲邨)06:50 - 00:2048
A11North Point Ferry Pier(北角碼頭)06:10 - 00:3040
A12Siu Sai Wan (小西灣)06:00 - 00:1045
A21Hung Hom Station (紅磡站)06:00 - 24:0033
A22Lan Tin Station (藍田站)06:00 - 00:1039
A31Quanwan (荃灣)06:00 - 24:0017.8
A33Tunmen Station (屯門站)17:10 *26.1One run a day
A41Shatian Station (沙田)06:00 - 24:0021
A41PMa On Shan (馬鞍山)07:05 - 24:0026.1
A43Fanling (粉嶺)07:00 - 24:0029.2
A35Mui Wo(梅窩)06:25 / 06:55 / 08:35 / 18:20 / 23:3015(From Monday to Saturday)/ 25 (in Sunday and public holidays)Five runs a day
“E”Lines-Buses from the Airport to Other Places in Hong Kong
E11Tin Hau Station (天后站)05:20 - 24:0021
E21Acturus (大角咀)05:30 - 24:0014 *
E22Lan Tin Station (藍田)05:30 - 24:0018
E22ATsueng Kwan O (將軍澳)07:00 - 23:5024
E22BTsueng Kwan O (將軍澳17:45 / 18:15 *24Two runs during the period from Monday to Friday, no service in weekends.
E22PYou Tang (油塘)17:35 / 17:57 / 18:05 / 18:20 *18Two runs during the period from Monday to Friday, no service in weekends.
E23Tsz Wan Shan (慈雲山)05:30 - 24:0018
E32Kwai Fong Station (葵芳站)05:30 - 24:00 *10.5
E33The Center of Tuen Mun District (屯門巿中心)05:30 - 24:0013.6
E33P兆康站17:40 / 18:10 / 18:50*14Three runs a day
E34The Center of Tian Shui Wai District (天水圍市中心)05:30 - 24:0013.6
E41Tai Po Tau (大埔頭)05:30 - 24:0013.6
E42Shatian (沙田)05:30 - 24:0013.6
"N" Lines-All-night Bus Services
N11Central District (中環)00:50 - 04:5031
N21Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀)00:20 - 04:4023
N21ATsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀)05:00 *23One run a day
N23Tsz Wan Shan (慈雲山)00:15 / 01:10 *23Two runs a day (Star from Tung Chung)
N26You Tang (油塘)00:20 *23One run a day (Star from Tung Chung)
N29Tsueng Kwan O (將軍澳)00:15 / 01:1024Two runs a day (Star from Tung Chung)
N30Yuen Long (元朗)00:20, 01:00 & 01:10 / 00:30 *27.1
N31Discovery Park in Quanwan District (荃灣愉景新城)00:15 - 05:15 (the last bus will not pass Shongren Road and North Tung Chung Station.)20.9
N35Mui Wo (梅窩)01:30 / 04:30 *21(from Monday to Saturday) /32 (in Sunday and Public Holidays)Two runs a day
N42Ma On Shan (馬鞍山)00:20 *26.1One run a day (Star from Tung Chung))
N42ALuen Wo Hui in Fanling (粉嶺聯和墟)00:20 *29.2One run a day (Star from Tung Chung)
N64Eaton in Tung Chung東涌逸東)00:45 / 01:15 *5.2Two runs a day
"S" Lines- Buses Running past the Airport
S1From Tung Chung Station (東涌站) to Asia World-Expo (亚洲国际博览馆)05:30 - 24:003.5
S52From Eaton in Tung Chung東涌逸東)to Aircraft Maintenance Area05:28 - 23:28(Star from Tung Chung), 05:52 - 23:52 (Star from Aircraft Maintenance Area)4
S52PFrom Eaton in Tung Chung東涌逸東)to Asian Airfreight Terminal07:18 - 08:58 **3No operation in Sunday and public holidays
S56From Eaton in Tung Chung東涌逸東)to Passenger Terminal Building 1 (一號客運大樓)05:55 - 22:553.5
S64Eaton in Tung Chung東涌逸東)05:24 - 24:003.6
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