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Jumbo Kingdom Restaurants

Among the landmarks of Hong Kong, the Jumbo Kingdom is unique because it floats. They are two ships in Aberdeen. You’ve probably seen at least the two ships already in James Bond, Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee movies. They are a place to go for a fun night out.They are Hong Kong’s best known seafood restaurants. Jumbo Kingdom is the collective name of two adjacent ships owned by the same company. These are the Jumbo that seats 2,000 diners and the older Tai Pak that seats 400.


The restaurants are popular with locals and tourists. Through the movies, the restaurants and Aberdeen are known around the world.

Famous people have gone there including John Wayne, Queen Elizabeth, and Tom Cruise.

People enjoy the novelty of eating on what is probably the world’s biggest restaurant boat, the scenery of the harbor, and a variety of food and decor in the various sections.

They are brightly lit and colorful — like going to a Macau casino.

Enjoy the fine food and the splendid decor.

Scenic Location

Victoria Peak is part of the backdrop, and the reflection of the lights and the moon on the water would make for a fine dinner setting.Take a sampan ride through the fishermen’s floating village to see the harbor. These rides are offered by older individuals along the promenade (~70 HKD, ~30 minutes).Some people may enjoy a walk along the park walking paths on Victoria Peak before dinner.

Dining Choices and Attractions

  • The Topdeck is a restaurant and bar that serves western cuisine and is managed by the Café Deco Group.
  • The Dragon Court serves gourmet Cantonese cuisine and some Ming Dynasty décor.
  • Chinese Tea Garden
  • Bronzeware Exhibition
  • A Wine Garden
  • Types of Seafood: Cantonese Chinese style and Western style. Both of these restaurants also offer many non-seafood dishes.
  • High Prices: Main dishes, HK$100 to HK$1000+ (for the choicest seafood); dim sum HK$30–HK$48. The seafood is expensive, and an average meal may cost 600 HKD. Table charge of HK$10 per person
  • Reputation: the quality of the food isn’t the best, but the landmark location makes it a favorite.
  • Location: Shum Wan Pier Drive, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen Harbor, Hong Kong Island
  • Transportation: Taxis go from the Peak to the restaurant boat docks. They go down the south slope of the mountain (~80 HKD or 11 USD). Bus 7 or 70 from Central, 72 or 77 from Causeway Bay, or 973 from Tsim Sha Tsui to Aberdeen.
  • Hours: Monday–Saturday 11:30am–11:30pm; Sunday and holidays 7am–11:30pm.