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Hong Kong Island Trams

For tourists, a special transportation treat is the tram line that runs along the whole north coast of Hong Kong Island through the Central CBD. Not only does it transport people cheaply between Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan via Central CBD, Admiralty, and Wan Chai, but it does so in a fun, slow way, and you can relax as you watch the sights go by from the top deck.

Trams were common about 90 years ago in big European and American cities. They are light electrical rail cars. The Hong Kong Tramways line was opened in 1904. It does feel antique, but you can see a lot of Hong Kong Island from the top deck of the double-decker cars. About 240,000 passengers ride the tram every day.

  • Fare: 2.30 HKD (30 cents US) for adults; 1.20 HKD for children under 12; 1 HKD for seniors
  • Total track length: 30 km
  • Running time varies depending on road traffic conditions. During the busy hours around noon, travel between Central and Shau Kei Wan, the eastern terminus, can take about an hour. Waiting time is 5-8 minutes, but possibly longer at the end of the lines.
  • Distance between stops: 250 meters (820 feet) on average.

Parallel Tram Lines

There are 123 stops and seven tram lines with up to six parallel lines in some places. To interchange between lines, you have to get off and wait to take the tram you want. The terminus of the line is shown on a sign on the front.

The tram tracks are in the middle of streets on the north of Hong Kong Island (like Des Vouex Road, Queensway Road, Johnston Road, Hennessey Road, and Causeway Road), with small pedestrian island platforms.

The Happy Valley loop is clockwise one-way. It branches south between Wan Chai and Causeway Bay to go around the Happy Valley Racecourse. See map below.

  • Kennedy Town ? Western Market ? Shau Kei Wan
  • Kennedy Town ? Shau Kei Wan
  • Whitty Street ? Causeway Bay
  • Whitty Street ? North Point
  • Kennedy Town ? Happy Valley ? Shau Kei Wan

Tourist Sights Accessible by Tram

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