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Chunxi Street Hotels

Chunxi Street is a pedestrian commercial street located in the city center of Chengdu. Built in 1924, Chunxi Street is the most prosperous area of Chengdu, holding reputable traditional Chinese establishments including bell stores, jade stores, Chinese medicine stores, and traditional Chinese eateries, as well as western-style restaurants, large modern shopping malls, and various kinds of hotels.

Almost all public buses reach Chunxi Street. It is one of the most popular accommodation areas in Chengdu. Staying in a hotel near Chunxi Street is very convenient, and you can walk to stores and restaurants. China Highlights has selected dozens of hotels offering great deals to cater to the different demands of our customers, and has labeled the location of the hotels near Chunxi Street on the following maps. Choose the hotel that best fits your needs or send an email to your individual travel advisor at China Highlights at service@chinahighlights.com and get a reply within 2 to 12 hours.

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Tianfu Sunshine Hotel Chengdu
per night

Tianfu Sunshine Hotel Chengdu 4 Star

Location: Chunxi Street(1.27KM), Place Tianfu

Holiday Inn Express Chengdu Wuhou
per night

Holiday Inn Express Chengdu Wuhou 3 Star

Location: Wu Hou Temple(2.02KM)

Fraser Suite Chengdu
per night

Fraser Suite Chengdu 5 Star

Location: Place Tianfu(77M)

City Inn Bandao Zongfu
per night

City Inn Bandao Zongfu 5 Star

Location: Chunxi Street(425M)

Chengdu Caesarean Hotel
per night

Chengdu Caesarean Hotel 5 Star

Location: Chengdu Railway Station(6.98KM)

Buddha Zen Hotel
per night

Buddha Zen Hotel 4 Star

Location: Chunxi Street(2.18KM)

Aiwei Hotel(hongji Branch)
per night

Aiwei Hotel(hongji Branch) 3 Star

Location: Chunxi Street(2.32KM)

Huahui Super 8 Motels Taishen Hotel
per night

Huahui Super 8 Motels Taishen Hotel 3 Star

Location: Chunxi Street(787M)