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Luomashi Hotels

There are 46 of Chengdu Hotels near the Luomashi. Choose from the list below or just send us an email to service@chinahighlights.com and get a quick reply within 2-12 hours.

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Tianfu Sunshine Hotel Chengdu
per night

Tianfu Sunshine Hotel Chengdu 4 Star

Overall ratings: 4.69 of 5

Location: Chunxi Street(1.27KM), Place Tianfu

Sofitel Wanda Chengdu
per night

Sofitel Wanda Chengdu 5 Star

Overall ratings: 4.74 of 5

Location: Place Tianfu(1.25KM)

Tibet Hotel Chengdu
per night

Tibet Hotel Chengdu 5 Star

Overall ratings: 4.79 of 5

Location: Place Tianfu(2.75KM)

An-e 158 Hotel (chengdu Fuqin Branch)
per night

An-e 158 Hotel (chengdu Fuqin Branch) tourist hotel

Location: Chunxi Street(2.06KM)

Ane-hotel(shuangnan Branch)
per night

Ane-hotel(shuangnan Branch) tourist hotel

Location: Shijicheng New Exhibition Center(7.64KM)

Lutianhu Hotel
per night

Lutianhu Hotel 3 Star

Location: Chunxi Street(2.98KM)

Fraser Suite Chengdu
per night

Fraser Suite Chengdu 5 Star

Location: Place Tianfu(77M)

City Inn Bandao Zongfu
per night

City Inn Bandao Zongfu 5 Star

Location: Chunxi Street(425M)