Chongqing Hotels List

There are 218 hotels in Chongqing selected according to the good location advantage and customers’ highly evaluation, including economical tourist hotels to luxury five-star hotels. You can find the very hotel you need for your business or package tour in Chongqing. One of our travel advisors will contact with you after receiving your inquiry within 2-12 hours as your individual travel advisor.

Chongqing Tourist Hotels

Carol Hotel(Apartment) ChongqingJinjiang Inn Chongqing Yuzhong Inn (Former Jinjiang Inn Chongqing E'ling Park Inn)Jinjiang Inn Yangjiaping Chongqing
9 Inn ChongqingLingnan Garden Inn Guanyin Bridge Hotel ChongqingHanting Hotel Chongqing Daping Inn
Home inns Chongqing Hongyadong innHome Inn Chongqing Exhibition Center InnHome Inns Chongqing Beibei Inn
Home Inns Chongqing Shiqiaopu InnBege Hotel ChongqingWillson Nanping Chongqing Hotel
Chongqing Jiasite HotelManyang Business Hotel - ChongqingSheng Jie Hotel - Chongqing
Ruige Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Xiangshulin Hotel Yingxiang - ChongqingChongqing Shangyue Mingqing Inn - Chongqing
Chongqing Xiangshulin Hotel Daping - ChongqingXing Ji Hotel - ChongqingXin Hu Tian Hotel - Chongqing
Fu Xing Hotel - ChongqingHaitai Hotel - ChongqingHaomiao Hotel - Chongqing
Yinghuang Hotel - ChongqingPhoenix Lidu Hotel - ChongqingJi Xiang Business Hotel - Chongqing
Te En Si Hotel - ChongqingGreenTree Inn Xiejiawan - ChongqingYasi Boerduo Hotel - Chongqing
Chongqing Huangqiao Hotel - ChongqingDegewill Hotel - ChongqingHome Inn Shangqingsi - Chongqing
Chongqing Yirui Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Shengda Hotel - ChongqingPin Yi Express Hotel - Chongqing
Chongqing Luo Ke Ke Garden Hotel - ChongqingBNB Hotel - ChongqingKinguest Hotel - Chongqing
Yihao Hotel - ChongqingYi Ju Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Beian Hotel - Chongqing
Chongqing Yuanxi Business Hotel - ChongqingYue Lai Hotel - ChongqingJinyi Kangzhuang Business Hotel - Chongqing
Huayu Hotel - ChongqingOak Hotel Luoma Jiari - ChongqingWangyuan Hotel - Chongqing
Xinxin Hotel - ChongqingSuper 8 Hotel Shiqiaopu - ChongqingSi Jia Xin Yi Hotel Shipingqiao - Chongqing
Chongqing Jiazhou Inn Hongqi - ChongqingJuan Shu Tang Family Apartment - ChongqingOak Hotel Yanghe - Chongqing
Ming Yang Hotel Apartment - ChongqingLin Jiang Hotel - ChongqingCygnet Inn Shapingba - Chongqing
Chongqing Qingshaonian Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Xinmeng Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Kailun Hotel - Chongqing
7 Days Inn Daping - ChongqingChongqing Airland Hotel - ChongqingWaimao Green Hotel - Chongqing
Jiazhou Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Aoti Hotel - ChongqingHanting Express Inn Jiazhou - Chongqing
An Fu Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Harmony Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Tuozhan Hotel - Chongqing
Best Journey Inn - ChongqingLuoke Hotel Chongqing Shapingba - ChongqingChongqing Tiema Hotel - Chongqing
Shiqiaopu Homey - Chongqing7 Days Inn Jiefangbei Walking Street - ChongqingBowen Business Hotel - Chongqing
First Star Inn - ChongqingGreen Tree Inn Chongqing Yuzhou Road Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Star Inn - Chongqing
7 Days Inn Nanping - ChongqingRuitian Business Hotel - ChongqingXidu Hotel - Chongqing
Chongqing Jiujulian Hotel - ChongqingShapingba 1st Homey - ChongqingShanghao Hotel - Chongqing
Swan City Hotel - ChongqingMegar Hotel - ChongqingSweet Hotel - Chongqing
Mareka Express Hotel Xiuyuan - ChongqingHome Inn Sha Ping Ba - ChongqingSupen Inn - Chongqing
Green Vogue Hotel - ChongqingJindi 126 Hotel Jiazhou - ChongqingChongqing Star Inn Beibei Tianqi - Chongqing
Motel 168 Jiefangbei - ChongqingCygnet Inn Guanyinqiao - ChongqingCygnet Inn Yangjiaping - Chongqing
Home inn daping - ChongqingYuanjian Business Hotel - ChongqingMotel 168 Shangqingsi - Chongqing
Haban Hotel Jiangbei Branch - ChongqingChongqing Xiangshulin Hotel Yicheng Guoji - ChongqingSunlit Express Hotel - Chongqing
Zhuxuanlv Hotel - Chongqing

Chongqing 3 Star Hotels

Chongqing Bosheng HotelChongqing Keyuan HotelRhinoceios Hotel
Chongqing Tianyou HotelChongqing Sunshine Peace HotelDatong Meilun Hotel Chongqing
Goldenview Hotel ChongqingChongqing Minshan HotelChongqing Liyuan Hotel
Xingyu Hotel - ChongqingDa Sheng Business Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Peony Garden Hotel - Chongqing
Lanjian Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Yundeng Holiday Hotel - ChongqingYashiyi Hotel - Chongqing
Haixu Garden Hotel - ChongqingXiangshan Hotel - ChongqingCentral Peninsula Hotspring Hotel - Chongqing
Homey Hotel (College Town) - ChongqingYutong Hotel - ChongqingKai Yuan Hotel - Chongqing
Chao Tian Men Hotel - ChongqingWudu Hotel Sun City - ChongqingRhinoceros Hotel - Chongqing
Chongqing Square Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Yubei Xinhua Hotel - ChongqingCygnet Plaza Chongqing - Chongqing
Taodu Muma Hotel- ChongqingYu Du Hotel - ChongqingZhongtian Hotel - Chongqing
South Garden Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Jiangbei International Airport Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Grand Hotel - Chongqing
Mingyuan Hotel - ChongqingHerton Hotel - ChongqingMinshan Yuanlin Grand Hotel

Chongqing 4 Star Hotels

Chongqing GuesthouseEast Garden HotelEling Park Hotel
Homehome Inn ChongqingYangtze Island Hotel ChongqingDays Hotel WuDu Chongqing
Milky Way Hotel ChongqingHoliday Inn North ChongqingChongqing Likai Hotel
Kinglead HotelFu Li HotelHe Fu Hotel
Chuangshiji HotelXiya HotelKairui Hotel
Chongqing DLT HotelJia Yu Ying Huang HotelOurland Hotel
Xinhua HotelChongqing Continental Grand HotelSomerset Jiefangbei Chongqing
Square International Hotel ChongqingWan Zhou Nice Hotel ChongqingHoi Tak Hotel Chongqing
Chongqing HotelWanyou Conifer Hotel ChongqingHongyadong Hotel Chongqing
World Traders HotelFortune Hotel - ChongqingDragon Hotel - Chongqing
Haosi Hotel - ChongqingWall Sir Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Mingyu Yanghe Hotel - Chongqing
South Hotspring 99 Resort - ChongqingDays Inn Business Place @ Chongqing Fortune Plaza - ChongqingOriental Landscape Holiday Hotel - Chongqing
Lafei Royal Hotel - ChongqingYi An Hotel - ChongqingGolden Eagle Holiday Hotel - Chongqing
Beity Hot Spring Tourism Resort - ChongqingChongqing Yangtze Service Apartment - ChongqingHaiyu Hotspring Hotel - Chongqing
Jundun Boutique Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Tianci HotSpring Resort - ChongqingDonghe Garden Hotel - Chongqing
Haban Hotel - ChongqingGolden Quality Hotel - ChongqingYishang Hotspring Resort - Chongqing
Sky And Sea Conference Center - ChongqingChongqing Lihua Hotel - ChongqingHuachuang Customers Club Hotel - Chongqing
Shanyinqiuming Hotel - ChongqingRiver Romance Hotel - ChongqingGreet Hotel - Chongqing
Xinzhishang Business Apartment - ChongqingJunchao Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Ruika Hotel - Chongqing

Chongqing 5 Star Hotels

Harbour Hotel ChongqingHilton Hotel ChongqingInterContinental Chongqing
Days Hotel Suites ChongqingGlenview ITC Plaza ChongqingKingworld Hotel
Jinke Grand HotelChongqing Carlton HotelSofitel Forebase Chongqing
Chongqing Golden Resources HotelInterContinental ChongqingChongqing Tianlai Hotel(Former Days Hotel Suites Chongqing)
Grand Metropark Hotel ChongqingLe Meridien Chongqing NananChongqing Tian Lai Hotel
Days Hotel & Suites Hillsun ChongqingCrowne Plaza Chongqing Riverside - ChongqingDays Hotel & Suites Sun Kingdom - Chongqing
Brilliant Resort &Spring Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Jinjiang Oriental Hotel - ChongqingChongqing Empark Grand Hotel
Sheraton Chongqing Hotel