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Three main places for tourists to stay are in Xiaguan Town (especially places adjacent to Erhai Lake), Old Town of Dali, and places around Dali Airport.

Dali City, administrated under the Dali Bai Dai Autonomous Prefecture, is one of the most famous tourist cities of Yunnan Province. It is home to over 26 ethnic minorities, and among them the Bai ethnic minority and the Dai ethnic minority are prominent. Xiaguan Town is the political and economic center of Dali Bai Dai Autonomous Prefecture, and is where city and prefecture government buildings are located. Deluxe Dali hotels are also situated there. Moderate and budget hotels and hostels with ethnic features and lingering charm are concentrated in the Old Town of Dali. With experience in the Dali hotel business since 1959, China Highlights knows Dali hotel and we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers. Feel free to contact us at service@chinhighlights.com.

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Get 45 Hotels in Dali :
Lan Ting Ju Inn - Dali

211 Lvyu Road, Dali


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Xiao Xiao Hotel - Dali

Yita Road 26, Dali County, Yunnan Province


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Cang Yue Hotel - Dali

Yu Er Lane 16, Yu Er Road 221, Dali County


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Hengsheng Garden Hotel - Dali

Lvyu Road 3, Dali County South Gate


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Pink Four Hotel - Dali

Kanghai County, Shuanglang Town, Dali


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Rong Hua Business Hotel - Dali

Fuhai Road 146, Xiaguan Economic Zone, Dali


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Miss Inn - Dali

85 Wenxian Road, Dali Ancient City (大理古城文献路85号)


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Dali Beach Guesthouse - Dali

90, 17 Zu, Caicun Town (大理市古城北才村17组90号绿岛海景客栈)


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Dali Yulan Hotel

Lvyu Road 159, Dali Old Town,


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Dali Shanshui Hotel

Binchuan Road 73, Xiaguan, Dali


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Dali Yilongbinghai Hotel

At the Bank of Lover's Lake, Erhai Park,


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Dali Palace

BoaiRoad NO.79,Dali Ancient City ,


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Hongyuan Fitness Center Dali

71 Binchuan Road (Binchuan Lu),Xiaguan ,


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Royal Hotel Dali

Zhonghe Archway, Sanyue Street,


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Zhongheju Inn Dali

No. 31 Huguo Road, Dali Old Town, Dali, China


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