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Xiqiao Mountain Hotels

There are 25 of Foshan Hotels near the Xiqiao Mountain. Choose from the list below or just send us an email to service@chinahighlights.com and get a quick reply within 2-12 hours.

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Qinghai Hotel
per night

Qinghai Hotel 5 Star

Overall ratings: 4.73 of 5


Hongfan Hotel Guangzhou
per night

Hongfan Hotel Guangzhou 3 Star

Location: Pazhou Complex(9.99KM)

Lastest Review:"The hotel is beside campus and quiet, get easy access to the Canton Fair."

Joyful Sea Hotel
per night

Joyful Sea Hotel 3 Star

Location: Beijing Road(854M), Shamian Island(854M)

Cha Jiao Wan Hotel
per night

Cha Jiao Wan Hotel tourist hotel

Location: Shamian Island(15M)

Ke Er Hotel
per night

Ke Er Hotel tourist hotel

Location: Haizhu Square(2.39KM)

Jiang Yue Hotel
per night

Jiang Yue Hotel 3 Star

Location: Shamian Island(848M)

Empire Business Hotel
per night

Empire Business Hotel 3 Star

Location: Xiqiao Mountain(13.16KM)

Huaxia Hotel
per night

Huaxia Hotel 5 Star

Location: Xiqiao Mountain(6.56KM)