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Haizhu Square Hotels

You may be spoiled for choices because of the wide range of the hotels around Haizhou Square, from budget hostels and guesthouses to luxurious and boutique hotels. Search Haizhu Square hotels from over 50 selected hotels of great deal from different price ranges. Landmark Canton Hotel a four-star hotel is popular for its perfect location (adjacent to Haizhu Square and only 190 meters to a subway station), reasonable price, beautiful Pearl River view and great service. Lido Hotel Guangzhou a three-star hotel and Grand Continental Service Apartment a four-star hotel are also good choices. Choose a Beijing Road hotel fitting you best.

Haizhou Square, located on the central axis of Guangzhou City, is the only waterfront square in Guangzhou, looking out to the Pearl River. It is surrounded by many business streets such as Taikang Road, Gaodi Street and Yide Road.

Located at the intersection of Guangzhou Subway line to and line 7, Haizhou Square has easy transportation. It is also accessible by numerous public buses, such as No. 10, 14, 180, 183, 253, 29, 519, 64, 823, 82, 86, 87, 88, 128, 131B, 186, 194, 208, 219, 236, 238, 40, 4, 57 and 61.

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Sha Xing Hotel Guangzhou
per night

Sha Xing Hotel Guangzhou tourist hotel

Overall ratings: 4.5 of 5

Location: Guangzhou East Railway Station(6.61KM)

Lastest Review:"Guys and girls, please think twice before booking this hotel. It was a nightmare. Comfort: 0/5. If "

Guangzhou Bauhinia Hotel
per night

Guangzhou Bauhinia Hotel 3 Star

Location: Guangzhou Railway Station(3.91KM), Beijing Road(78M), Haizhu Square(78M)

Lastest Review:"Stay here for several times. Definitely a good hotel. The staffs are friendly and they can speak good "

Grand Continental Service Apartment Guangzhou
per night

Grand Continental Service Apartment Guangzhou 4 Star

Overall ratings: 4.16 of 5

Location: Beijing Road(358M)

Lastest Review:"The location is absolutely great for business travelers and tourists. The rooms were small and a bit "

Yinhai Bailing Hotel
per night

Yinhai Bailing Hotel 5 Star

Location: Beijing Road(756M), Haizhu Square

Dongfeng Hotel
per night

Dongfeng Hotel 3 Star

Location: Huan Shi Road East(820M)

Guangdong Yingbin Hotel
per night

Guangdong Yingbin Hotel 4 Star

Location: Guangzhou Railway Station(2.73KM), Liuhua Complex

Home Inn Binjiang Dong Road Branch
per night

Home Inn Binjiang Dong Road Branch tourist hotel

Location: Shamian Island(5.53KM), Haizhu Square

A8 Hotel- Guangzhou Dade Road
per night

A8 Hotel- Guangzhou Dade Road tourist hotel

Location: Beijing Road(869M), Haizhu Square