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Haikou hotels are spread all over the city and offer a variety of price ranges. When accommodations in Sanya are tight, you still can find satisfying places to stay in Haikou. Haikou, located in northern Hainan Island in south China, is the capital city of Hainan Province. As a tropic seaport, Haikou is famous for its soft beaches, pristine coastlines, steamy jungles, and priceless wildlife and wildlife reserves.

During the hot seasons of Haikou (traditionally from November to February), the prices of accommodations in Haikou skyrocket. Outside these months, the rates are lower. Prices on the China Highlights website are all-inclusive (government tax, service fee, and breakfast). You can select a Haikou hotel on China Highlights by ratings, prices, and recommendations of travelers who have used our services.

Get 82 Hotels in Haikou:
Jinyu Hotel

No.7 Haifu Road
The Jinyu Hotel is located in the flourishing commercial and cultural center, enjoying the picturesque environment nearby and only ...

Based on 35 TripAdvisor traveller reviews

Minhai Hotel

No.78-1 Sanqing Mansion, Longkun South Road, Longhua District, Haikou
The Minhai Hotel is located in the Longhua District, adjacent to the South Bus Station and East Railway Station. It is about 12km ...

Based on 35 TripAdvisor traveller reviews

Longquan Hotel Haikou

No.18 Longkun South Road, Meilan District, Haikou
The Longquan Hotel Haikou is located at the city center of Haikou, within walking distance to the Haixiu Road and about 5 minutes' ...

Based on 35 TripAdvisor traveller reviews

Crown Spa Resort Hainan

No.1 Qiongshan Avenue, Meilan DIstrict, Haikou
The Crown Spa Resort Hainan is located on the Qiongshan Avenue in Haikou, about 13km from the city center, 18km from the Meilan Airport ...

Based on 35 TripAdvisor traveller reviews

Hainan Asian International Hotel - Haikou

Haixiu Road 53, Xiuying District(海口市秀英区海秀路53号)

Based on 35 TripAdvisor traveller reviews

Jinhua Mansion - Haikou

No.28 Yilong West Road, Longhua District, Haikou

Based on 35 TripAdvisor traveller reviews

New Hotspring International Hotel - Haikou

50 Longkun North Road, Haikou, Hainan Province 570105

Based on 35 TripAdvisor traveller reviews

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