Hangzhou Hotels List

There are 363 hotels in Hangzhou selected according to the good location advantage and customers’ highly evaluation, including economical tourist hotels to luxury five-star hotels. You can find the very hotel you need for your business or package tour in Hangzhou. One of our travel advisors will contact with you after receiving your inquiry within 2-12 hours as your individual travel advisor.

Hangzhou Tourist Hotels

Jin Hua Hotel Jinjiang Inn Central Hangzhou Xihu Avenue Ziluolan Hotel
Xidebao Hotel Motel 168 Motel 168(Tiancheng Road)
Motel 168(South Hushu Road) Motel 168(Jiefang Road) Yigou Hotel
Elan Inn Wensan Hangzhou Hangzhou Edge to Business Hotel Hanting Express
Hanting Express (Hangzhou Qiutao Road) Super8 Zhetian Holiday Star Hotel
Greentree Inns Hangzhou West Genshan Road Hotel Nanyuan Chain Inns Hangzhou Fengqi Branch Bud Inn Wushang Square
Jinjiang Inn Hangzhou Genshan Road Hanting Express Baochu Branch Hangzhou Home Inn (Wulin Square)
Jinjiang Inn Wulinmen Elan Inn (DongZhan HangZhou) Home Inn
Home Inn (Moganshan Road) Hangzhou Mingtu Supper8 Hotel Home Inn(Genshan West Road)
Holiday Star Hotel (Zhanong Kou) Elan Inn(Longxiang Hangzhou) Super8 Hotel Hangzhou Heping Square
Flower Inn (West Lake) Elan Inn (LiuShuiYuan HangZhou) Home Inns Hangzhou Inn
Hangzhou Xiasha Ibis Hotel Super 8 Chengzhan Hotel Hangzhou Xinyu Inn Hangda Road Hotel Hangzhou
HangZhou Winhoo Citystar Hotel Waihai Hotel Hangzhou Elan Inn Qiandao Lake International Youth Hostel
Hangzhou Tianyuan Super 8 Hotel Hangzhou Anteng Business Hotel Qingchun Hangzhou Danube Holiday Inn Hangzhou
HaiAn Holiday Hotel Hangzhou Zhejiang Holiday Inn Zhanongkou Hangzhou Podinns Hotel Hangzhou Xiasha Shop
Hanting Express Inn WenyiLu Hangzhou Hangzhou Baoyi Business Hotel Zhejiang Holiday Star Hotel Hangzhou Xinyifang
Hangzhou Zuiyi City Hotel Jinjiang Inn Xiaoshan Darunfa Hangzhou Home Inn East Coach Station Hangzhou
Home Inn North Shixin Road Hangzhou Hanting Express Hangzhou West Lake Tiandi Inn Hanting Express Hangzhou Hubin Inn
Jinjiang Inn Zhejiang Tonglu Hotel Hanting Express Hangzhou Moganshan Inn Hangzhou EIN Hotel
Hangzhou Terui Hotel West Lake Hangzhou Easygo Business Hotel York Inn (Shenban Road) - Hangzhou
WHWJ Hotel Zhuantang - Hangzhou Yuan Zheng Hotel Jingu - Hangzhou Golden Lion 100 Hotel Shiqiao Road - Hangzhou
LEEYOR.HOTEL Xixi Holiday - Hangzhou Home Inns West Lake Broken Bridge - Hangzhou Yuan Zheg Hotel Shennong - Hangzhou
Hangzhou Jiangcheng Ronghua Hotel - Hangzhou Langham Business Hotel (West Lake) - Hangzhou Hanting Express Inn Xihudadao - Hangzhou
LEEYOR.HOTEL West Lake - Hangzhou GUGE Inns AiFu Hotel HangZhou Hangzhou Haosheng Hotel - Hangzhou
Hanting Express Inn (Fengqi Road) - Hangzhou Konin Hotel Xiaoshan Airport - Hangzhou Xinyu Inn Hangzhou West Station - Hangzhou
Hotel Wulin Plaza - Hangzhou Motel 168 Tiyuchang Road - Hangzhou Hao Tai Holiday Hotel - Hangzhou
Home Inns (Xiaoshan Coach Station) - Hangzhou Lingyin Xianting Inn - Hangzhou Fresh House Inn - Hangzhou
Super 8 hotel Xiasha - Hangzhou My York Hotel Xixi - Hangzhou Hanting Express (Xiaoshan Shixin Road) - Hangzhou
West Lake Spring Hotel (Dongpo) - Hangzhou 99 Myinn - Hangzhou Lake View Holiday Hotel - Hangzhou
Cangshan Hotel - Hangzhou KUMA Theme Hotel - Hangzhou GreenTree Inn (Xihu Hubin) - Hangzhou
Hanting Express Cultural Plaza - Hangzhou R tin Hotel Hangzhou

Hangzhou 3 Star Hotels

Lily Hotel Hangzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel Hangzhou Enjoyor Hotel
Milan Holiday Hotel Hangzhou Orange Hotel Moganshan Road Zhonghao Hotel
Hangzhou Worldwide Holiday Dunhuang Hotel NanYu Hotel HuGuang Hotel
Zhongrui Hotel Hongli Hotel Hangzhou Wen Yuan Hotel
Zhejiang New Century Hotel Voice of Nature Holiday Hotel 51 Fashion Hotel
Tianhao Hotel JuHua Hotel HuanDao Hotel
Hongdu Hotel Jade Emperor Hotel Hangzhou Peacock Hotel
Yihu Hotel West Lake Hotel Carry Centre Hotel
ElanInn (Baochu Hangzhou) Zhejiang University Xinyu Training Hotel Hangzhou Xixi Jinyu Vacationland
Xinyu Cuiyuan Hotel Hanting Hotel-Wulin Square Branch Shengruichi Yijia Hotel
Haiwaihai International Hotel Pujin Hotel Hangzhou Hangzhou Dahua Hotel
The New Hotel Hangzhou (Hangzhou Xin Xin Hotel) Renshou Hotel Zhejiang Dynasty Town Hotel Hangzhou
WHWH Hangzhou Tonglu Hostel HangZhou Haihua Manlong Resort Hotel Liutong Hotel Hangzhou
Count Heating City Hotel Hangzhou Elan Inn Hubin Hangzhou Elan Inn Zhaohui Hangzhou
Hong Que Plaza Hangzhou Ming Tai Business Hotel Hangzhou Hangzhou Kaihao Hotel
Baoshan Hotel Hangzhou Dayjoy Refinement Hotel Hangzhou Hangzhou Yuquan Hotel
Approval Hotel Hangzhou Super 8 Hotel Tonglu Fuchun Tonglu Jinxin Hotel
Wen Yuan Hotel Zhejiang Hangzhou Hangzhou Wenhui Hotel Hangzhou Jasmine International Hotel
Hangzhou Qiandaohu Building Hotel Quintessence Xingdao Holiday Resort Hotel Qiandao Lake Jia Nuo Hotel - Hangzhou
Hangzhou Xindongpo Hotel - Hangzhou Yao De Hotel (Qiutao Road) - Hangzhou Meng Er Holidy Hotel - Hangzhou
Hangzhou Funstel Hotel Tieliu Business Hotel - Hangzhou National Trade Building Zhejiang - Hangzhou
Hanting Inn Wulin Road - Hangzhou Baiwei Ren Sheng Hotel - Hangzhou Sijiqing Hotel - Hangzhou
Jingling Shanzhuang Hotel - Hangzhou Hang zhou Fengqi Hotel - Hangzhou Zhejiang Construction Hotel
Hangzhou Yicheng Hotel - Hangzhou Union Lingfeng Hotel - Hangzhou Zhejiang Xin Yu Qing Xin Hotel - Hangzhou
Peace Hotel - Hangzhou Tiandiren Hotel - Hangzhou Xin Wang Ge Hotel
Huayang Hotel - Hangzhou Hangzhou Ouhuazhou Holiday Hotel - Hangzhou NEW YANAN Hotel - Hangzhou
Hangzhou Meizhu Resort - Hangzhou Hangzhou Yinqiao Hotel - Hangzhou Hongda Hotel - Hangzhou
Xiangcheng Business Hotel - Hangzhou Hangzhou Kangshu Hotel Huanglong Handnice Hotel - Hangzhou
Hangzhou Zhongqiang Holiday Hotel Regal City Hotel Hangzhou Chao Wang Hotel
Dayjoy Refinement Hotel Hangzhou Xianlin Hotel Hangzhou Mangesen Hotel
Hangzhou Huayuan Hotel Hangzhou Ruiqi International Hotel Hangzhou Hanyue Hotel
Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Xiaoshan

Hangzhou 4 Star Hotels

Hangzhou Dragon Hotel Zhejiang Grand Hotel Lakeview Hotel Hangzhou
Holiday Inn Hangzhou City Center Xinqiao Hotel Haihua Hotel Hangzhou
Best Western Hangzhou Merchant Macro Hotel Hangzhou Hangzhou Hotel
Friendship Hotel Hangzhou Hangzhou Sunny Hotel The New Hotel Huangzhou
Nade Hotel SSAW Hotel European Style Holiday Hotel
Red Star Culture Hotel HuaJiaShan Resort Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Hotel
Crown Plaza Hangzhou Garden Hotel Hangzhou Zhongan Huana Hotel
Hangzhou Capital Star Hotel Milan Continental Hotel Zhejiang Media Hotel
Ramada Hangzhou China Rest Jiali Hotel Hangzhou Xiangyuan Hotel
Xin Jin Shan Hotel West Lake Golden Plaza Hotel Culture Plaza Hotel
Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel Future Span Hotel WHWH Business Hotel
Hangzhou Jasmine International Hotel Hangzhou Heli Hotel Oukai Hotel
SSAW Hotel(Yilian) Zhejiang Holidaystar Zhijiang Hotel Fengdu Holiday Hotel
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Lantian Hotel Zhong Shan Hotel New Xilai Hotel
Aigrette Resort Zhiyuan Hotel Hangzhou East Holiday
Huachen·Kenzo Hotel Hangzhou Tailong Business Hotel Amethyst Hotel
Best Western Premier Richful Green Hotel Hangzhou East King Business Hotel Renhe Hotel
Ssaw Hotel (Plaza) ST.Rich Hotel Huacheng Holiday Hotel
Zijingang Hotel Zhejiang Xinyu City Hotel Braim Seasons Hotel Hangzhou
Qiantang Hotel Oakwood Residence Hangzhou Wanhaowanjia Business Hotel Hangzhou
Holiday Wuyang Hotel Hangzhou Wuyang International Hotel Hangzhou Longhill Hotel Hangzhou
Holiday Inn Hangzhou Hangzhou Huagang HNA Resort Joy Hotel Hangzhou
Elan Inn Qiandao Lake Hangzhou Qinghua Hotel Hangzhou Hangzhou Foulu Village
New Yuli Grand Business Hotel Hangzhou Jinxi Hotel Wuyang International Hotel Hangzhou
Tianlin Shanggao Hotel - Hangzhou Pujing Garden Hotel - Hangzhou Wushan Minglou Hotel - Hangzhou
Ruimanting Hotel West Lake - Hangzhou Relax Hotel - Hangzhou Hongqiao Resort - Hangzhou
Zijingang Xigang Hotel - Hangzhou Lotus Glade Hotel 52 - Hangzhou I Feel Hotel - Hangzhou
Landi Apartment - Hangzhou Dihao Business Hotel Xiaoshan Hangzhou Meikai Hotel - Hangzhou
Ding Jiang Nan Hotel - Hangzhou Golden Business Hotel - Hangzhou Xin Ou Hotel - Hangzhou
Blossom Hotel - Hangzhou Sophia Hotel - Hangzhou Zhejiang Jindu Hotel - Hangzhou
Xixi Brook Hotel Hangzhou - Hangzhou Fubang International Hotel - Hangzhou Century Ruicheng Hotel - Hangzhou
Haiwaihai Nachuan Hotel - Hangzhou Xixi Holiday Hotel - Hangzhou Lead Noble Boutique Hotel - Hangzhou
Kai Rui Hotel - Hangzhou Telecommunication Mansion Hotel - Hangzhou West Brook Hotel - Hangzhou
Hangzhou Zheng Yang Hotel - Hangzhou HZCC Hotel - Hangzhou Zhejiang Jinchuan Hotel - Hangzhou
Wu Xin Hotel - Hangzhou Edinburgh Yanggongdi Hotel - Hangzhou Jin Rui Hotel - Hangzhou
Yijin Fengshang Hotel - Hangzhou Tianhong Hotel - Hangzhou Royal Lake International Hotel
Gingko Garden Hotel Veegle Hotel Hangzhou Gejiang Beauside Hotel
Hangzhou Scholars Hotel Qiao Garden Vacation Hotel

Hangzhou 5 Star Hotels

Shangri la Hotel Hangzhou Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel Hangzhou Hyatt Regency Hangzhou
Sofitel Westlake Hangzhou Landison Plaza Hotel Grand Metropark Hotel Hangzhou
Zhejiang Xizi Hotel Hangzhou Howard Johnson Oriental Hotel Zhejiang Holiday Inn Xiaoshan
Jinma Palace Regal Plaza Hotel Xihu State Guest Hotel
Goethe Hotel Hangzhou New Century Grand Hotel The First World Hotel
Victoria Regal Hotel Zhejiang Vaton Yunqi Resort Hotel Vanwarm Hotel
Hangzhou Tianyuan Tower Hotel Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Grand Canal Hangzhou Hill & River Hotel
Tianma Hotel West Lake Hillview International Hotel Landison LongJing Resort Hangzhou
Days Hotel Riverview Hangzhou Rose Garden Resort Zhejiang Hotel
Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Xanadu Resort Amanfayun Oriental Deluxe Hotel Zhejiang (Former Howard Johnson Oriental Hotel Zhejiang)
Zhejiang International Hotel Hangzhou Braim Wansong Hotel Tonglu Lanting Resort
Hangzhou Tiangong Art Gallery Hotel New Century Resort Qiandao Lake Longting New Century Hotel Qiandao Lake Hangzhou
Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale West Lake Hangzhou Hotel Xihu(West Lake) State Guest Hotel Banyan Tree Hangzhou
Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou
Four Points By Sheraton Hangzhou Binjiang Tea Boutique Hotel Hangzhou Junfu International Hotel - Hangzhou
Hangzhou Tower Hotel Tianducheng Resort - Hangzhou Hangzhou Xinkaiyuan Hotel - Hangzhou
InterContinental Hangzhou - Hangzhou Hangzhou EM Grand Hotel - Hangzhou Holiday Inn Hangzhou CBD
Hangzhou Braim Canal Hotel - Hangzhou Giantman Hotel Hangzhou Luyu Resort - Hangzhou
Haiwaihai Baina Hotel - Hangzhou Zhejiang Bairui Grand Hotel - Hangzhou Edinburgh Holiday Hotel Hangzhou
Courtyard by Marriott Hangzhou Wulin - Hangzhou 打印 收藏酒店 The First World Leisure Hotel Days Hotel And Suites Hangzhou - Hangzhou
Xixuan Spa Hotel Hangzhou Hilton Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Resort ZTG Grand Hotel Airport Hangzhou
White Horse Lake Jianguo Hotel