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You can search Huangshan hotels based on rate, price, and the recommendations of real travelers. Huangshan accommodations are mainly located in four areas: in the Huangshan City center (Tunxi District, 68 kilometer from Yellow Mountain), on Yellow Mountain, at the foot of the Yellow Mountain (Tangkou Town) and the Huangshan Airport.

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Design Boutique Hotel - Huangshan

1-6 Xianrendong North Road, Tunxi District (安徽省黄山市屯溪区仙人洞北路1-6号 )


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Jinrong Hotel - Huangshan

42 Qianyuannan Road, Tunxi, Anhui Province


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Smoky Willow Resort - Huangshan

West Qiyun Road, Xiuning, Huangshan, Anhui


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Fei Cui Hotel

No.1 Building, Feicui New Village, Tangkou Town, Huangshan
The Fei Cui Hotel is located in the Fei Cui Valley in Tangkou Town of Huangshan--a shooting base for films. The hotel is about 65km ...


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Xinyu Holiday Hotel - Huangshan

Luoning Street, Xiuning Town, Huangshan


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Huangshan Ancient Town Youth Hostel - Huangshan

11 Sanma Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan


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Ramada Huangshan Hotel

Zuiwenquan Resort, Xinhui Tiandi, Huashan Road, Tunxi, Huangshan


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Huangshan Guoyuan Hotel

Taiping Yuhe Road, Huangshan


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Huangshan Guangming Holiday Hotel

No.2,songluo road,city huangshan


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Hengsheng Huiyun Hotel - Huangshan

8 Qiyun East Avenue, Xiuning, Huangshan (黄山 休宁县 齐云东大道8号)


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City Markham Hotel Huangshan Railway Station

Huancheng North Road 15, Tunxi District(黄山屯溪区环城北路15号)


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Huangshan Huanglong Hotel

12 Xihai Road, Yingbin Avenue, Tunxi District(黄山市屯溪区迎宾大道西海路12号)


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Huangshan Higood Inn

No.2 Qianyuan North Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan
The Huangshan Higood Inn is located in downtown Huang Shan within easy reach of the Railway Station. It is 15km away from the Huangshan ...

Near: Huangshan Railway Station


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Higood Express By Holiday Hotel Huangshan

41 Qianyuan South Road, Huangshan


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