Jinan Hotels List

There are 111 hotels in Jinan selected according to the good location advantage and customers’ highly evaluation, including economical tourist hotels to luxury five-star hotels. You can find the very hotel you need for your business or package tour in Jinan. One of our travel advisors will contact with you after receiving your inquiry within 2-12 hours as your individual travel advisor.

Jinan Tourist Hotels

Joyinn Jinan Bayi InnJoyinn Jinan Qianfo MountainGreen Tree Inn Jinan Railway Station
Home Inns Jinan Baotuquan InnJinjiang Inn Jinan Shandong University InnJinjiang Inn Daming Lake Jinan
Grace Inn Erhuan East Road - JinanJi Nan Motel North Bei Yuan Avenue Inn - JinanQuanyue Business Hotel - Jinan
Home Inns Beiyuan Avenue - JinanJinjiang Inn Quancheng Park - JinanGreenTree Inn Jinan Shanda Road - Jinan
Sufa Business HotelHanting Express Daguanyuan - JinanJinjiang Inn Jingsan Road - Jinan
Tiandi Ren He Business Hotel Beiyuan - JinanLingnan Garden Inn Hongjialou - JinanHanting Express Jinan Railway Station - Jinan
Jinjiang Inn Yingxiongshan Road - JinanGrace Inn Lishan Road - JinanHome Inns Tianqiao Railway Station - Jinan
Hanting Express Jiefangqiao - JinanGrace Inn Tianqiao - JinanGrace Inn West Market - Jinan
Jinjiang Inn Lixia Manson - JinanJJ-inn Jinan QuanchengluGrace Inn Baihua Park - Jinan
Motel168 Pu Li Street Inn - JinanHome Inns Jingshi Road - JinanHanting Express Lishan Road - Jinan
Home Inns Honglou NanLu - JinanJinjiang Inn Lishan Road - JinanGrace Inn Jingshi Road - Jinan
GreenTree Inn Beiyuan Yinzuo - JinanGreenTree Inn Beiyuanlishan HotelJinjiang Inn Beiyuan Street - Jinan
Home Inns Jingsan Road - JinanDongfang Yuelai Hotel - JinanJinan Tianjia Bussiness Affairs Hotel - Jinan
Quanrunfu Hotel - JinanGrace Inn Yanzishan Road - JinanGreenTree Inn Jinan Bus Station Express - Jinan
Sun Of City Hotel - JinanJinan Yongxiang Inn Furong Street

Jinan 3 Star Hotels

Jinan Railway HotelJoyinn Jinan High tech Development zoneHome Inns Jinan Daming Lake North Gate Inn
Ls-inn Honglou - JinanShandong International Hotel - JinanZhejiang Hotel - Jinan
Shui Zhi Yuan Business Hotel - JinanShunhe Business Hotel - JinanShandong Minzheng Hotel - Jinan
Jinan Hualian Hotel - JinanJinan Airport Hotel - JinanYu Quan Ming Zhu Hotel
Dadu Hotel - JinanYindu Hotel - JinanHuagong Hotel - Jinan
Jinma Lijing Holiday Hotel - JinanHolyland Angra Business HotelQun Kang Tian Yu Hotel - Jinan
Caiyun Hotel - JinanJinan Yake Business HotelMingya Jian Gong Hotel - Jinan
My Hotel Baotuquan - JinanZhongan Inn Jinan - JinanShandong Agriculture Hotel - Jinan
Shandong Hotel - JinanShandong Jinma Mansion - JinanHairun International Business Hotel - Jinan
Shanghaorenjia Business Hotel Honglou - Jinan

Jinan 4 Star Hotels

Silver Plaza Quancheng Hotel JinanYuquan Simpson Hotel JinanSilver Plaza Quancheng Hotel
Jihua Hotel JiningShandong Hanlin Hotel JinanBlue Horizon Hotel - Jinan
Huaxing Buileding - JinanShandong East Hotel - JinanShangdong Lihao Hotel - Jinan
Shandong News Hotel - JinanShandong Jindu HotelYi Zheng Hotel - Jinan
Liangyou Fulin Hotel - JinanTianfa Csohoh Business Hotel - JinanGuiyou Hotel Shandong
Huangtai Hotel - JinanSilver Plaza Quancheng Hotel - JinanJinan Nanjiao Hotel - Jinan
Litian Hotel - JinanShandong Airlines HotelHuaneng Hotel - Jinan
Harbor Hotel - JinanShun Yuan Hotel - JinanShuntian Hotel - Jinan
Jinan Donghai Business Hotel - JinanShandong Meidele Hotel - JinanMingshi Xuefu Hotel - Jinan
Shungeng Hillview Hotel - JinanTianxi c.sohoh Business Hotel - JinanBinfen Wuzhou Hotel - Jinan
Guidu Hotel - Jinan

Jinan 5 Star Hotels

Sofitel Silver PlazaShandong Hotel JinanCrowne Plaza Hotel Jinan
Longdu International Hotel JinanSheraton Jinan HotelGrand Metropark Qihui Hotel, Shandong
Blue Horizon Hotel JinanNishi Haitai Hotel - Jinan