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Although five-star hotels are available in Lhasa, they can’t compete with five-star hotels in other large cities in China, such as Beijing and Shanghai.

Lhasa, in the southeastern Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China, is the provincial capital city. It is one of highest cities in the world, with an average altitude of 3650 meters. Be aware of the risks of altitude sickness and knowing how to deal with it is very important for tourists traveling to Lhasa. There are many budget hostels and home-like accommodations in Lhasa. Please note that you cannot take a shower in many of these hostels and home-like accommodations. China Highlights staff has made business trips to Lhasa every year, ensuring that we provide the best Lijiang hotels for our customers. The prices on China Highlights are all-inclusive (government tax, service fee, and western breakfast). Our individual travel advisors are always ready to give you professional advice. Call our 24/7 advice number in China:
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Get 42 Hotels in Lhasa :
Diren Hotel - Lhasa

Xuexincun (中国西藏拉萨雪新村口(区政协西侧))


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Laway International Hotel - Lhasa

38 Deji North Road (拉萨市德吉北路38号)


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Saikang Hotel - Lhasa

25 Beijing East Road (拉萨市北京东路25号)


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Baiyi Hotel - Lhasa

46 Beijing Middle Road (拉萨市北京中路46号)


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Lhasa Dong Cuo International Youth Hostel

NO.10 Beijing East Road, Lhasa,Tibet


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Tibet Min Thai Hotel Lhasa

No. 17 Yutuo Road, Lhasa


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Tibet Sunrise Hotel (previous Huaxia Hotel Lhasa)

No.75 West Jinzhu Road, Lhasa, Tibet, China


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Tashi Choten Hotel Lhasa

No. 31, 1st Lane, Chong sai kang ji ri, Lhasa


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Lhasa River Hotel

Lhasa City and the International Riverside Road


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Tibet Bog Garden Hotel Lhasa

No.194 Beijing Xiluzi, Lhasa City, Tibet, China


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Minshan Jinsheng Hotel Tibet

in the yard of Woman's Federation of TAR, Xuexin Village, Tibet


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Shengjiang Hotel Lhasa

44 Middle Beijing Road, Lhasa, Tibet


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Fuxin Yuan Hotel

No.88 Jinzhu West Road, Chengguan District


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Shengtaiyuan Hotel Lhasa

Xianzudao Kaifaqu, Lhasa, Tibet


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Sichuan Hotel Tianguan Tower Lhasa

29 Niangre North Road, Lhasa, Tibet


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