Lijiang Hotels List

There are 163 hotels in Lijiang selected according to the good location advantage and customers’ highly evaluation, including economical tourist hotels to luxury five-star hotels. You can find the very hotel you need for your business or package tour in Lijiang. One of our travel advisors will contact with you after receiving your inquiry within 2-12 hours as your individual travel advisor.

Lijiang Tourist Hotels

The Tea Boutique Hotel Lijiang Zheng Fu Cao Tang Inn Mosuo Yiyuan Hotel Erma House Lijiang
Lijia Xiaolou Inn Lijiang Lishui Tianjing Inn Lijiang The Old Town Dongmen Inn
Lijiang Tengyun Hotel Shuhe LiJiang K2 International Youth Hotel Qianxuelou Hotel Lijiang
Lijiang Bashi Lai Inn Yibang Residence Butterfly Resort
Blossom Hill Inn Lijiang Shuhe Jianghu Inn - Lijiang Qianxun Inn - Lijiang
Ju Party Inn - Lijiang Shunfengche Inn Xinyixuan - Lijiang Taxiang Gushi Inn - Lijiang
Dan Xing Dao Hotel - Lijiang Mengqiu Inn Dongdongjia - Lijiang Yu Huai Ren Jia Hotel - Lijiang
Rayon Inn - Lijiang Bai Hai Luo Inn - Lijiang Qingrenjie Inn - Lijiang
Shunfengche Inn Liuliu - Lijiang Xijie Inn - Lijiang Shuhe Xingfu Sancun - Lijiang
Mengzhiju Inn - Lijiang Hai Tang Garden Inn - Lijiang Tingyin Shuixie Hotel - Lijiang
Ren He Spring Inn - Lijiang Puxianju Inn - Lijiang Lijiang Jiudian Inn - Lijiang
Houniao Genjudi Inn - Lijiang Lijiang Student Abroad Inn - Lijiang Jin Sheng Yuan Inn - Lijiang
Xijie Inn Mingfu - Lijiang Old Town Garden Resort - Lijiang Si Fang Inn - Lijiang
Zhandisimen Inn - Lijiang 808 Inn - Lijiang Shuhe Weiyige Inn
Fushengxiang Inn - Lijiang Garden Of Wood House Inn Yangguang Manwu Inn - Lijiang
Southwest Inn - Lijiang Moshang Huakai Inn - Lijiang Bainian Inn - Lijiang
Suiheju Inn - Lijiang Jichang Hotel Lijiang

Lijiang 3 Star Hotels

Sanhe Hotel Lijiang Grand Hotel Hexi Hotel
Tian Yu Guest House Lijiang Yuanxiang Lijiang Hotel(Homeland Inn Lijiang) Lijiang Licheng Inn
Wangjiazhuang Inn Lijiang Darling Harbour Inn Lijiang Guadai Guo Nanfeng Hotel Lijiang
Yuequan Yizhan Hotel Lijiang Lijiang Qifen Inn Pu Rui Duo Mu Holiday Hotel Lijiang
Pine Bamboo Inn Lijiang Jia Li Da Garden Hotel Lijiang Yinhudao Hotel Lijiang
Waika Hotel Lijiang Dou Jin Inn Lijiang Courtyard Sunlight Lijiang
Jiaogu Ancient Inn Lijiang Nanmen Hotel Lijiang Lijiang Hua Ma Hotel
Sifang Square Inn Dragon Palace Hotel Lijiang Old City Bamboo Park Hotel Lijiang
Brook and Bridge Inn Lijiang Lijiang Dengkefang Inn Lijiang Dexin Hotel
Sunny 100 Lijiang Business Hotel Lijiang Oak Garden Inn Lijiang Beauty Inn
Huamei Club Lijiang Xinyi Hotel Lijiang Lijiang Happiness Inn - Lijiang
Aliang Inn - Lijiang Hao Ke Long Inn - Lijiang Lijiang Lee's Family Inn - Lijiang
Zhongyu Hotel - Lijiang De Feng Da Bao Hotel - Lijiang Qing Lan Ya Yuan Hotel - Lijiang
Tu Tao Ju Hotel - Lijiang Lao Mo Fang Hotel - Lijiang Yidianyuan Hotel - Lijiang
Lijiang Mufu Old Inn - Lijiang Yi Ke Shu Hotel - Lijiang Xiyuan Hotel - Lijiang
Lijiang Jiri View Inn - Lijiang Liao Bi Feng Yu Hotel - Lijiang Lijiang Time Inn - Lijiang
Hansange Inn - Lijiang Tianyuan Muge Inn - Lijiang Zhengfu Caotang Inn Shishangliuquan - Lijiang
Lijiang On Road Inn - Lijiang Yue Lai Shanghai Inn Qiyi Street - Lijiang Ruo Shui Ju Inn - Lijiang
Lijiang 0888 Warm Inn - Lijiang Sunshine Lijiang Inn

Lijiang 4 Star Hotels

Guanfang Hotel Qidian Sightseeing Hotel Lijiang Yinxiang Old City Hotel
Zen Garden Hotel Wuyi Yard Lijiang Wangfu Hotel Conifer Lishui Yangguang Hotel Lijiang
Lijiang Yingxiang Gucheng Wenyuan Hotel(Former Lijiang Jian Nan Chun Hotel) Fuxiang Inn Lijiang Shiner Hotel Lijiang
Hansange Hotel Lijiang Conifer Lishui Yangguang Hotel Lijiang Courier Inn Lijiang
Lijiang Melody Hotel Adange Hotel Lijiang Liwang Hotel Lijiang
Sofun Inn Lijiang Golden Spring Hotel Lijiang Lijiang Palace House
Lijiang My Home Boutique Hotel Lijiang Shishan House Lihe Inn - Lijiang
Rose of Ancient Town - Lijiang Shuhe Jindianyuan Hotel - Lijiang Jia Jia Inn - Lijiang
Coco Holiday Hotel - Lijiang Shang Shan Ju Hotel - Lijiang Meng Hui Lijiang Inn - Lijiang
Zai Shui Yi Fang Inn - Lijiang East River Hotel - Lijiang Sifu Yashe Boutique Inn - Lijiang
Sanju Hotel - Lijiang Lidaoyuan Hotel - Lijiang Spring Summer Fall Winter Scenic Inn
Le Dao Inn - Lijiang Tian Long Inn - Lijiang Yaleju Courtyard Inn - Lijiang
Yidianyuan Inn - Lijiang Lijiang Sina Hotel - Lijiang Juyi Shiguang Hotel - Lijiang

Lijiang 5 Star Hotels

Treasure Harbour International Hotel Banyan Tree Lijiang Lijing International Hotel
Lijiang 2416 Inn Intercontinental Lijiang Ancient Town Resort Lijiang Dianjunwang Hotel
Guanfang Hotel(Qidian) Lijiang Zen Garden Hotel Lijiang Lion Hill Branch Lijiang 2418 Inn
Lijiang Château L' Act Hotel Pullman Lijiang Resort and Spa Zitang Fudi Inn
The Tea Boutique Hotel - Lijiang Jin Fu Hotel - Lijiang NO.1 Courtyard Hotel - Lijiang
Ayu Taya Inn - Lijiang Jinfeng Yinhua Holiday Hotel - Lijiang Banshan Villa Boutique Hotel - Lijiang


Hot Hotels in Lijiang

Sanhe Hotel Lijiang
three star
Guanfang Hotel Qidian
four star
From: $114
Grand Hotel
three star
Sightseeing Hotel
four star
From: $88