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Budget hostels to four-star hotels are available at Putuoshan. If you prefer a high-rated hotel, you can choose to stay at the Sheraton Zhoushan Hotel in Zhoushan City.

Putuoshan Mount Putuo is actually an island of Zhoushan Archipelago, east of Zhoushan City. It is one of the four sacred mountains in Chinese Buddhism. Putuoshan is accessible by boat from Zhoushan City, Shanghao, and Ningbo. China Highlights has been in the Putuoshan hotel business for since 1959 and online since 1998. We provide the keys to the best deals at Putuoshan hotels. We have selected 12 of Putuoshan hotels to meet your high standards, while at the same time offering the best rates available. Our 24/7 advice number in China:
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Get 11 Hotels in Putuoshan :
Citic Putuo Hotel Putuoshan

No. 22 Jin Sha Road, Putuoshan, Zhoushan 
CITIC Putuo Hotel, owned by China International Trust & Investment Corporation, boasts its favorable location at Rd.Jinsa. It faces ...


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Lu Yuan Holiday Inn

No. 61 Fayu Road, Mount Putuo, Zhoushan, Zhejiang 316107 China
The Lu Yuan Holiday Inn is located on the Fayu Road, adjacent to the Mount Putuo, Zhoushan. ...


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Xilei Xiao Zhuang Hotel Putuoshan

Address: No. 1 Xianghua Street, Putuoshan, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China 316107
The Xilei Hotel is a beautiful hotel located on the Xianghua Street, Putuoshan, Zhejiang...


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Purple Bamboo Hotel Zhoushan

No.21 Jinsha Road, Putuo Mountain, Zhoushan
Opened in 2002, decorated in 2004, the Purple Bamboo Hotel covers an area of 4800 square meters. It is located on the Jinsha Road, ...


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Putuoshan Hotel

No. 93 Meicen Road, Mount Putuo, Zhoushan, Zhejiang 316107, China


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Seaview Hotel Zhoushan

Nan Sha Resort, Zhujiajian, Zhoushan
Opened in 1998 and renovated in 2005, the Seaview Hotel Zhoushan is located in the Nan Sha Resort, Zhoushan City....


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Hai Zhong Zhou Hotel Zhoushan

No.112 Dong Hai East Road Putuo District, Shenjiamen, Zhoushan
Opened in 1992 and renovated in 2005, the Haizhongzhou Hotel is located on the Dong Hai East Road, Putuo District, Zhoushan, Zhejiang....


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Putuo Overseas Chinese Hotel

No. 108 Bin Gang Road, Shenjiamen, Putuo district, Zhoushan
Opened in 1999 and renovated in 2005, the Putuo Overseas Chinese Hotel is located on the Bin Gang Road, Zhoushan...


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Hilisheng Hotel Zhoushan

No. 38 Shipinchang Road, Shenjiamen, Zhoushan
Opened in 2001 and renovated in 2005, the Hilisheng Hotel is located on the Shipinchang Road, Zhoushan...


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Zhu Xiang Ju Putuoshan

No. 20 Jinsha Road, Putuoshan
The Zhu Xiang Ju hotel is located on the Jinsha Road, Putuoshan.


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Jin Ping Villa Putuoshan

No.107 Fayu Road, Putuoshan, Zhoushan City
Opened in 1995 and renovated in 2006, the Jinping Villa is located on the Fayu Road, Putuoshan, Zhejiang Prrovince....

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