Qingdao Hotels List

There are 175 hotels in Qingdao selected according to the good location advantage and customers’ highly evaluation, including economical tourist hotels to luxury five-star hotels. You can find the very hotel you need for your business or package tour in Qingdao. One of our travel advisors will contact with you after receiving your inquiry within 2-12 hours as your individual travel advisor.

Qingdao Tourist Hotels

New Tianqiao HotelEastern InnBeach Castle Hotel
De Yuan Tai HotelQingdao Chuangyi Shishang Chain Hotels(Minjiang Road Fashionable)Qingdao Hai Qing Yuan Business Hotel
JinJiang Inn Qingdao Zhongshan RoadQingdao Chuangyi Shishang Chain Hotels(Minjiang Road Comfortable)Motel168 ( Railway Station Inn)
JinJiang Inn (Qingdao Hangzhou Rd)JinJiang Inn (Qingdao Licang)Hanting Express (Qingdao Yanan Road)
Motel 168 Hua Yang Road InnJinjing Inn (Development Zone Jinggangshan Road)Qingdao Haiyingda Hotel
Home Inn Qingdao Pijiu Road HotelQingdao Chuangyi Shishang Chain Hotels(Qingdao Lvdao Jiayuan)Guihe Holiday Business Hotel Qingdao
Haitian e Business Hotel QingdaoQingdao Zhuhui Business Hotel QingdaoHome Inn Yinchuan West Road Qingdao
GreenTree Inn Qingdao Zhongshan RoadMotel 168 North Zhenjiang Road QingdaoChuangyi Shishang Business Hotel Lvdaojiayuan Qingdao
Haifute Fashion Business Hotel - QingdaoHanting Express (Qingdao University) - QingdaoYijing Bay Holiday Hotel - Qingdao
Qingdao Si Ji Garden Hotel - QingdaoSuper 8 Hotel Kuilong - QingdaoIbis Hotel - Qingdao
Ba Yun Chang Private Hotel - QingdaoIbis Hotel Huangdao - QingdaoQingdao Renjia Business Hotel - Qingdao
Hanting Express inn Jingangshan Road - QingdaoQinglong Business Hotel - QingdaoHanting Express Inn Xianggang Middle Road - Qingdao
Yang Di Cun Hotel - QingdaoJinjiang Inn Zhengyang Road - QingdaoChenxu Hotel - Qingdao
Ou Lu Business Hotel - QingdaoJinjiang Inn Yanerdao Road - QingdaoHome Inns Shandong Road - Qingdao
Xindingxiang Business Hotel - QingdaoTai Da Zhou Hotel - QingdaoHome Inns Development Zone Wuyishan Road - Qingdao
Qingdao Long Jia Hotel - QingdaoYandao Dongfang Business Hotel - QingdaoQingdao Ministry of Electronics Industry Hotel - Qingdao
Weixiao Rujia Business Hotel - QingdaoHengrui Zhizun International Hotel - QingdaoYu Shui Qing Hotel (Huiquan Road) - Qingdao
7 Days Inn Hangzhou Road - QingdaoCarry All Business Hotel - QingdaoJing Yuan 128 Hotel - Qingdao
Home Inn (Xianggang East Road) - QingdaoQingdao Victory InnMy Hotel - Qingdao
Qingdao Fashion 128 Business Hotel - QingdaoGreen Tree Inn (Qingdao Paradise Hotel) - QingdaoYu Shui Qing Hotel (Dengzhou Road) - Qingdao
Qingdao Paradise Hotel - QingdaoHongyu Business Hotel - QingdaoCity 118 Inn - Qingdao
Rong Hai Xuan Holiday Hotel - QingdaoShenghu Business Hotel - QingdaoHan Yuan Hotel - Qingdao
Yu Shui Qing Business Hotel Xilingxia Road - QingdaoLiangji Business Hotel - QingdaoShui Mu Yuan Business Hotel (Zhanqiao) - Qingdao
Jiayuan Yage Holiday Hotel - QingdaoNuo Ri Lang Business Hotel - QingdaoBeiergen Hotel - Qingdao
Home Inn (Central Business District) - Qingdao

Qingdao 3 Star Hotels

Qingdao Zijing HotelDikuang HotelQingDao HuaNeng Hotel
Qingdao Huangjia HotelEastern Air HotelBohaiwan Hotel
Wenhua International HotelRed Crowned Crane HotelQingdao Ocean Hotel
Qingdao Guangyuanfa Chengyang HotelOverseas Chinese International HotelQiulin Hotel
Housing International HotelCity Home Business HotelFangyuan Business Hotel Qingdao
Qingdao Tiyuzhijia HotelQingdao Aegean Sea Commercial HotelSifang Hotel
Qingdao Jianyin HotelJinsha Business Hotel QingdaoGuo Qi Hotel Qingdao
Eastern Light International Hotel Qingdao (the former Furama Hotel)Qingdao Zhiyuanlou HotelDetai Hotel Qingdao
Qingdao Hotel - QingdaoXiling Business Hotel - QingdaoGuanhai Tower Hotel - Qingdao
Mengzhichuan Business Hotel - QingdaoVienna HotelQianshao Hotel - Qingdao
Qingdao Qihai Hotel - QingdaoQingdao Zhongfang Hotel - QingdaoNew Kanghong Hotel - Qingdao
Qingdao Huiguo Hotel - QingdaoQingdao Jieshen Hotel - QingdaoRenjian Business Hotel - Qingdao
Qixiang Hotel - QingdaoQingdao Hipeak Hotel - QingdaoHaier International Training Center - Qingdao

Qingdao 4 Star Hotels

Copthorne Hotel QingdaoSophia International HotelGarden Hotel VIP House
Qingdao Guangye Jinjiang HotelQingdao Danube International HotelQingdao Ffuxin Hotel
Donghai HotelQingdao University International HotelBeihai Hotel
Oceanwide Elite HotelSanfod HotelChina Community Art and Culture Hotel
Milan Fashion HotelSunshine Seacoast Hotel & ResortHuake Holiday Hotel Qingdao
Qingdao Badanguan Jinxiuyuan HotelQingDao 52 Squane moterAusotel Meihua Qingdao
Gold Lampstand Garden Holiday HotelQingdao Kylin HotelBlue Horizon Gold Marina Hotel
Haidu Hotel QingdaoQingdao Dongfang HotelQingdao Huanghai Hotel
Seaview Hotel QingdaoQingdao Danube International HotelQingdao Haiqing Hotel
Qingdao Airport Hotel - QingdaoLitian Hotel - QingdaoQingdao Hai Ding Hotel
Blue Horizon Hotel Licang - QingdaoQingdao Educational Training Centre - QingdaoGrand Hoya Hotel - Qingdao
Hai Meng Yuan Hotel - QingdaoAizunke Holiday Garden Hotel - QingdaoPCC Science And Technology Mansion - Qingdao
Academic Exchange Center of Ocean University QingdaoSea Shore Garden Hotel - QingdaoKunlun Kailai Seaview Hotel - Qingdao
Qiaohui Business Hotel - QingdaoKuaitong Hotel - QingdaoNanmei Garden Hotel - Qingdao
Kai Lai Garden Resort - QingdaoQingdao Xindong Hotel - QingdaoThank You Hotel - Qingdao
Hui Yuan Hotel - QingdaoSunny World Hotel - QingdaoHengdu Executive Hotel - Qingdao
Qingdao Marco Polo commercial Hotel - QingdaoPeninsula Harbor Hotel - QingdaoNan Shan Hotel - Qingdao
Dibai Jiari Hotel - Qingdao

Qingdao 5 Star Hotels

Shangri La Hotel QingdaoGrand Regency Hotel QingdaoSurf Plaza Resort Hotel
Clearsea Arts Hotel QingdaoInterContinental QingdaoChengyang Detai Hotel - Qingdao
Qing Dao Anqinyu Hotel - QingdaoLe Meridien - QingdaoQingdao Dabringham Platinum Residence - Qingdao
Four Points By Sheraton - QingdaoBlue Horizon Hotel Laoshan - Qingdao