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Shanghai F1 Circuit

The Shanghai F1 race track has an overall length of 5.451,24 m and includes 7 left and 7 right turns. The longest straight runs parallel to the Dragster track between the turns T 13 and T 14 and has a length of 1.175 m. The standard width of the track is between 13 m and 15 m, in turns it expands up to 20 m (turn T 13).

Further unique characteristics of the track layout are turns with snail-like narrowing (turn T 1 to T 3), turns with snail-like expansion (turn T 10 to T 12) and two pointed turns (turn T 5 and turn T 13).

The axis of the race track is at its lowest point on + 4.50 m above sea level, the highest point in turn T 2 is on + 11.24 m above sea level. The maximum upward slope amounts to 3%, the maximum downward slope to 8%, the transverse downward slope of the roadway is 2,5.

The combination of turns and straight lines, combined with the rising and falling of the gradient permits top speed up to 327 km/h on the longest straight line (between T 12 and T 13) and a deceleration to 87 km/h is required in close turns.

The constant change between acceleration and deceleration parts, connected by high speed sections represents a challenge in driving, offers sufficient opportunities for overtaking manoeuvres and achieves an intensive and tensional experience of motor sport for the spectators.

The Shanghai F1 2012 - Formula One World Championship Chinese Prix is now scheduled on April 17 - April 19, and will be the 4th stop of the Formula One Race, drawing all the top drivers and teams.

Track information

Track length: 5.451km

Number of laps (subject to FIA confirmation): 56

Distance: 305 .269 (subject to FIA confirmation)

Average speed: 205km/h

Best lap: 1' 32" 238

Estimated maximum speed: 327km/h

Longest straight: 1.175km

Width: 13 - 15m (normally 14m , the track is widened to a maximum of 20m in the corners)

Number of turns: 14 (7 left hander and 7 right hander)

Maximum radius in the corner: 120.55m

Minimum radius in the corner: 8.80m

The axis of the race track at its highest point above sea level: + 11.24 m

The axis of the race track at its lowest point above sea level: + 4.50 m

The maximum downward slope: 8%

The maximum upward slope: 3%

2012 Shanghai Formula One Grand Prix

2012 Shanghai F1 - Formula One World Championship Chinese Prix is now scheduled on April 17 to April 19 and will be the 3rd stop of the Formula One Race (total 18 stops), drawing all the top drivers and teams. We provide Shanghai F1 hotels + tickets Packages online booking service to you.

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