Tianjin Hotels List

There are 199 hotels in Tianjin selected according to the good location advantage and customers’ highly evaluation, including economical tourist hotels to luxury five-star hotels. You can find the very hotel you need for your business or package tour in Tianjin. One of our travel advisors will contact with you after receiving your inquiry within 2-12 hours as your individual travel advisor.

Tianjin Tourist Hotels

Nanyuan Inn Tianjin Zhongshan Branch Jinjiang Inn Xianyang Road Tianjin Jiangong Super8 Hotel Tianjin
Jinlihua Zhongshan Hotel Tianjin Friendship Inn Tianjin Nanjing Road Home Inns Tianjin Xiangyanglou Hotel
Home Inns Tianjin Shiyijing Road Hotel Home Inns Tianjin Tanggu Hotel Home Inns Tianjin Railway Station Hotel
Home Inns Tianjin Convention Exhibition Centre Hotel Home Inns Tianjin Wudadao Hotel Home Inns Tianjin Xinkai Road Hotel
Home Inns Tianjin Jiefang South Road Hotel Home Inns Tianjin Youyi Road Hotel Home Inns Tianjin Hongqi Road Hotel
Home Inns Tianjin Duolundao Hotel Joy Inn Tianjin Huanghedao Branch Hanting Inn Tianjin Baidilu Hotel
Hanting Express Inn Tianjin Hongqi Road Hotel Home Inn Hongxing Road Tianjin JinJiang Inn Tianjin Convention Exhibition Center Branch
Green Tree Inn Jingangqiao Tianjin Green Tree Inn Railway Station Tianjin Green Tree Inn Hongqi Road Tianjin
Green Tree Inn Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Tianjin Beauty Inn (Beichen) - Tianjin Ibis Hotel Railway Station - Tianjin
Home Inn Tianjin North Station - Tianjin Tianjin Binhai New Area Taida Hotel Friendship Inn Nankai - Tianjin
Friendship Inn Guozhan - Tianjin Tianjin Ganjin Hotel - Tianjin Familiar Hotel - Tianjin
Stack Time Station Hotel, Tianjin Taifengxin Express Hotel - Tianjin Super 8 Hotel Tianjin Hua Shuo - Tianjin
Tianjin Wuqing Development Zone Hotel Hanting Express Hubei Road - Tianjin Jinjiang Inn (Bawei Road) - Tianjin
Home Inn (Second Avenue) - Tianjin GreenTree Inn (Dongli Development Area) - Tianjin Hanting Express (Balitai) - Hanting
GreenTree Inn (Binjiang Road) - Tianjin Super 8 Tianjin Chang Jiang Dao - Tianjin Beauty Inn Heiniuchengdao - Tianjin
99 Inn Liuwei Road - Tianjin Jinjiang Inn Anshandao - Tianjin Hanting Express Inn Beizhan - Tianjin
Heyi Fubang Business Hotel - Tianjin Home Inn Wuqing - Tianjin Baidu Business Hotel - Tianjin
Home Inns Zhongshanmen - Tianjin HANTING INNS&HOTELS Home Inns Dongting Road - Tianjin
Hotel Ibis Tianjin Tanggu - Tianjin Motel 168 Changchundao - Tianjin Ibis Hotel Taida - Tianjin
Tianjin Bai Di Road Hotel Hanting Express Inn Wuqing - Tianjin Home Inns Huanghedao - Tianjin
Home Inns Anshan Xidao - Tianjin Hanting Express Binjiangdao - Tianjin Home Inn Wangdingdi - Tianjin
Home Inn Jinghai - Tianjin Home Inn Yuejin Road - Tianjin Jinjiang Star Hongqiao - Tianjin
Hotel Ibis Tianjin Tianwei - Tianjin Bao Xuan Hotel - Tianjin Nanyuan Inn Tianjin Bohai - Tianjin
Motel 268 Dongting Road - Tianjin Jinjiang Inn Zhongshan Road - Tianjin Hanting Express Binyueqiao - Tianjin
Hanting Express Youyi Road - Tianjin Motel 168 Nanjing Road - Tianjin Home Inns Zhongshan Rd. - Tianjin
Jinjiang Inn Nankai - Tianjin Home Inn Jinwei Road - Tianjin Hanting Express Tianjin Gongda - Tianjin
Home Inns Tianjin West Station - Tianjin Motel 168 Jintang Road - Tianjin Lanting Holiday Hotel - Tianjin
Home inn Wuqing - Tianjin Beauty Inn University Town - Tianjin GreenTree Inn Keyuan - Tianjin
JinJiang Inn Tianjin Railway Station - Tianjin Tianjin Bailinyuan Hotel - Tianjin

Tianjin 3 Star Hotels

Tianjin Ocean Hotel East Asia Hotel Jinluan Hotel
Xinmao Tiancai Hotel Tianjin Intertech hotel Tianjin Super 8 Hotel Tianjin Jintang
Tianjin Baolijin hotel Junhui Jianguo Hotel Tianjin Tianjin Fenglin Hotel
Anshandao Rest House Tianjin Binhai International Airport Hotel Tianjin Juchuan Holiday Hotel Tianjin
Zhongtai Hotel Tianjin HaiDeRunZi Hotel Tianjin Frend Hotel Tianjin
Shuanglu Hotel Tianjin Eastern Pearl 188 Hotel Tianjin Summer Lotus Hotel Drumtower Tianjin
Wanyuanlongshun Holiday Manor Tianjin Huahai Hotel Tianjin Xiangjiang Holiday Hotel Tianjin
Jin Ao Hotel Tianjin Rich View Hotel Tianjin Holiday Inn Express Dongli Tianjin
Huigao Garden Hotel Tianjin Tianjin luxury Business Hotel Jin Long Wan Grand Hotel - Tianjin
Peace Hotel Tianjin - Tianjin Hong Lou Hotel - Tianjin Chao Jie Narcissus Hotel - Tianjin
Yinhe Hotel - Tianjin Tianjin Water Hotel - Tianjin Holiday Inn Express Tianjin Binhai - Tianjin
Holiday Inn Express Tianjin Airport

Tianjin 4 Star Hotels

Holiday Inn Tianjin Riverside Tianjin Evening News Hotel Best Western International Tianjin Juchuang Hotel
King Hall Hotel Dickson Hotel Golden Island Holiday Hotel
Fashion Lotus Hotel Holiday Inn Binhai Tianjin Mei Du Hotel
Todays International Hotel Tianjin Hopeway Business Hotel Teda Central Hotel Tianjin
Holiday Inn Binhai Tianjin Huibinyuan Hotel Tianjin Super Garden Hotel Tianjin
Crystal Palace Hotel Tianjin Sea View Garden Hotel Tianjin Tianlun Rega Jinbin Hotel Tianjin
Zhengxie Club Hotel Tianjin Days Hotel Tanggu Tianjin Tianjin South China Harbour Horizon Hotel
Tianjin Victory Hotel Tianjin Fashion Lotus Hotel Tianjin Vansho Hotel(Former Holiday Inn Tianjin)
Tianjin Jinwan Hotel Kind Hotel Tianjin Tianyu Hotel Tianjin
Somerset Olympic Tower Tianjin Geneva Hotel Tianjin Tianjin Mayfair Hotel
Best Western Byronn Hotel Tianjin Ruiwan Nanyuan Hotel Tianjin Tianjin Fortune Land Be Yours Hotel
Somerset Youyi Tianjin Yu Yang Hotel Tianjin Tianjin Eagle Land International Hotel
Tian Jin Yilan International Hotel Relax Hotel - Tianjin Baocheng Hotel - Tianjin
Rome Business Hotel - Tianjin Sichuan Hotel - Tianjin Tianjin East Harbour Hotel - Tianjin
Century Teda Hotel Green Park Villa Modena Heping Tianjin, a boutique hotel residence by Fraser
Qi Yuan Hotel - Tianjin Ariva Tianjin No.36 Serviced Apartment - Tianjin Super Garden Hotel of Tianjin
Century Hotel Tianjin Tianyu Hotel Tianjin Swan Lake Spring Vacation Village

Tianjin 5 Star Hotels

Renaissance Tianjin Teda Hotel & Convention Center Hyatt Regency Jing Jin City Resort and Spa Renaissance Tianjin Hotel
TEDA International Club Tianjin Sheraton Tianjin Hotel Tianjin Victoria International Hotel
Tianjin Saixiang Hotel Golden Ocean Hotel Hotel Nikko Tianjin
Tianjin Golden Crown Tower Teda International Hotel Club Tianjin Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Hotel Convention Centre
Ruiwan Jinjiang Hotel Tianjin Tianjin Rihang Hotel Tianjin Tianbao International Hotel
Radisson Plaza Hotel Tianjin Crowne Plaza Tianjin Binhai Hotel Tianjin Country Garden Phoenix Hotel
The Astor Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel - Tianjin Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel - Tianjin The Lakeview-Tianjin, Marriott Executive Apartments
Somerset International Building - Tianjin Tianjin Grand View Hotel - Tianjin Raffles Tianjin
Yinzhu Hotel - Tianjin Rego Garden Hotel - Tianjin All-legend International Hotel - Tianjin
Hengda Hotel Tianjin