Wuhan Hotels List

There are 274 hotels in Wuhan selected according to the good location advantage and customers’ highly evaluation, including economical tourist hotels to luxury five-star hotels. You can find the very hotel you need for your business or package tour in Wuhan. One of our travel advisors will contact with you after receiving your inquiry within 2-12 hours as your individual travel advisor.

Wuhan Tourist Hotels

Home Inns Wuhan Liudu BridgeHome Inns Wuhan Gaoxiong Road InnSunny Sky City Inn Wuhan
Sunny Sky City Inn Jiefang ParkSunny Sky City Inn Qianjin No.1 RoadHome Inns Wuchang Ziyanglu Inn Wuhan
Hanting Hotels Wuhan Xiangganglu InnYangtse International Youth Hostel WuhanLingnan Garden Inn Jianghan Hotel Wuhan
Luck Full Hotel WuhanHanting Hotel Wuhan Jiangtan InnHome Inn Wuhan Dongdamen Second Inn
Haopai Business Hotel WuhanHome Inn Wuhan Jianghanbeilu InnHome Inn Wuhan Jingji Kaifaqu Inn
Hanting Hotel Wuhan Xinhua InnCentral Silver Sea Hotel WuhanHanting Express Inns Wuhan Xinhua Road Inn
Wuhan Yushang Business HotelTigo Business Hotel WuhanWuhan Sunny Sky City Inn Baofeng Road
Jinjiang Inn Wuhan Dingziqiao WuhanHome Inn Wuhan Tianmendun InnHome Inn Wuhan Xinhuaxialu Inn
Home Inn Luoshi South Road WuhanWuhan Mellow Commercial Hotel7Days Inn Baofengyilu - Wuhan
7Days Inn Taibeiyilu - Wuhan7Days Inn Wuhan Plaza - Wuhan7Days Inn New Word International Trade Store - Wuhan
Jinjiang Inn Hankou Railway Station - WuhanYangtes River Hotel Jiqing Street - Wuhan7Days Inn Wuchang Railway Station Square - Wuhan
Ruian Star Hotel - Wuhan7Days Inn Liuduqiao - WuhanMotel 168 Wangjiadun - Wuhan
Green Tree Inn Taibei Road - Wuhan7Days Inn Lingjiaohu Wanda Square - WuhanZhong Huan Business Hotel - Wuhan
Chaoshan Hotel - WuhanJinjiang Inn Wuhan Liuduqiao - WuhanWu Han Motel Zhong Shan Park Inn - Wuhan
Jinjiang Inns Huangpu Road - WuhanXinhaodu Business Hotel - Wuhan7Days Inn Macao Road - Wuhan
Motel 168 Railway Station - Wuhan7Days Inn Wuhan Plaza Erdian - WuhanHongshan Holiday Hotel - Wuhan
Green Tree Inns Walking Street - WuhanJiu Kun Holiday Hotel - WuhanHome Inns Guiyuansi - Wuhan
7 Days Inn JiangTan - WuhanJinjiang Inn Ziyang Road - Wuhan7Days Inn Zongguan - Wuhan
Tiandu Hotel - WuhanHome Inns Shuchenglu - WuhanHuatian Inn Jiedaokou - Wuhan
Changjiang Star Hotel - Wuhan7Days Inn Optical Valley - Wuhan7Days Inn 2nd. Hankou Railway Station - Wuhan
DEMO Fashion Hotel - Wuhan7Days Inn Xiaodongmen - Wuhan7Days Inn Yamao - Wuhan
Wuzhou Hotel - WuhanGreen Tree Inn Wuchang Railway Station - Wuhan7Days Inn Huashi - Wuhan
7Days Inn Pedestrian Street - Wuhan7Days Inn Minhangxiaoqu - Wuhan7Days Inn Shipailing - Wuhan
Shengjia Rose Hotel - WuhanJinjiang Inn Hanjiang Road - Wuhan7 Days Inn Jiefang Park - Wuhan
7Days Inn Zhuankou Economic Development Zone - WuhanMotel168 Hankou Railway Station Inn - WuhanHome Inns Guangbutun - Wuhan
7Days Inn Wuchang Railway Station - WuhanNew Otani Business Hotel - WuhanBest Century Hotel - Wuhan
Degas Art De Hotel - WuhanJianghuayuan Inn Xinhua Xialu - WuhanMotel 168 Hanzhengjie - Wuhan
7Days Inn Hankou Railway Station - Wuhan7 Days Inn Changjiang 2nd Bridge - WuhanE Gang Hotel - Wuhan
Sunny Sky Inns Huangpi - WuhanJishasha Hotel - Wuhan7Days Inn Wujiashan - Wuhan
Ruian Sunshine Hotel - WuhanPodi Business Hotel Wuchang - WuhanSabra Hotel - Wuhan
Mulan Business Hotel - WuhanHuatian Inn Liuduqiao - WuhanXieli Hotel - Wuhan
7 Days Inn Hangkong Road - Wuhan7Days Inn Minhang Erdian - WuhanLeisure and Express Hotel - Wuhan
7Days Inn Ziyanglu Conservatory Of Music - WuhanQishun Hotel - WuhanYangtse River Hotels GuiYuanSi - Wuhan
7Days Inn Wushenglu - Wuhan7Days Inn Dingziqiao - WuhanMotel168 Wu Luo Road Inn - Wuhan
Liangjingjing Business Hotel - WuhanSuper 8 Wuhan Yangtze River Qingshan - Wuhan7Days Inn Municipal Government - Wuhan
Home Inns Xiaodongmen - WuhanHome Inns Dadongmen - WuhanPodi Business Hotel (Qiaokou) - Wuhan
7 Days Fujiapo - WuhanYi Jia Business Hotel - Wuhan7Days Inn Hankou Railway Station Tangjiadun - Wuhan
Jinjiang Inn Qushuilou - Wuhan7Days Inn Zhongshanlu Jiyuqiao - WuhanRuiAn City Hotel Wuluo Road - Wuhan
7Days Inn Wutaizha - Wuhan7 Days Inn Guangbutun - Wuhan7Days Inn Youth Road - Wuhan
7Days Inn Hankou Railway Station Caishen Square - WuhanGolden Times Business Hotel - WuhanSuper 8 Yuemachang - Wuhan
Motel168 Zi Yang Road Inn - Wuhan7Days Inn Wangjiadun - WuhanPodi Business Hotel (Xiongchu) - Wuhan
Motel 168 Xiongchu Road - WuhanNanyang Dahua Hotel WuhanHome Inns Taibeiyilu - Wuhan
Up Star Hotel - Wuhan7Days Inn Hubuxiang - WuhanNew Man Hotel (Wansongyuan) - Wuhan
7Days Inn Xunlimenerdian - WuhanWuhan Sunshine 128 Hotel - WuhanGreenTree Inn Guocikou - Wuhan
Tianli Sunshine Hotel - WuhanAegean Sea Hotel - WuhanGreenTree Inn (Hankou Jiangtan) - Wuhan
Aishili Hotel Dingziqiao - WuhanMotel168 Hua Qiao Inn - WuhanSuper 8 Hankou Railway Station - Wuhan
Brisbance Hotel - WuhanHui Yuan Hotel - WuhanJinjiang Inns (Wuhan Economic-technical Development Zone)
GreenTree Inn Donghu - Wuhan7Days Inn Yellow Crane Tower - Wuhan7Days Inn Jiedaokou - Wuhan
Best Inn Wuhan Taibei Er Lu - WuhanSuper 8 Wuhan Yangtze River Shui Guo Hu Branch - WuhanSunny Sky Inns Luyulu - Wuhan
DeGas Hotel Jiefang Park - Wuhan7Days Inn Honggangcheng - Wuhan

Wuhan 3 Star Hotels

Xunlimen HotelZhenhua HotelWesun Hotel
Lijiang HotelCongwen HotelHanting Hotels Wuhan Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street shop
Dongxin Grand Hotel WuhanXinlong Business Hotel WuhanNew Beacon Xinhang Hotel Wuhan
Chagang Business Hotel WuhanWuhan Cosmopolitan HotelWuhan Ruian Hotel Xiongchu Shop
Chu Yuan Hotel - WuhanZhongqing Holiday Hotel - WuhanGui Yuan Hotel - Wuhan
Wanguo Hotel - WuhanJun An Hotel - WuhanMarshal Palace Hotel - Wuhan
Century Home Inn - WuhanHubei Caiyuan Hotel - WuhanCi Kai Hotel - Wuhan
Xiaotiane Hotel - WuhanGuanhu Platinum Hotel - ShanghaiTian Yuan Commerce Hotel - Wuhan
Weekend Hotel - WuhanWuhan Changhang Hotel - WuhanOneinn - Wuhan
Zaihua Impression Hotel - WuhanRui'an City Hotel - WuhanWuhan Tianhe Airport Hotel - Wuhan
Huadian Finance Training Center - WuhanFeng Yi Hotel - WuhanHubei Jiuye Plaza - Wuhan
Jiu Zhou Hotel - WuhanHuayun Hotel - WuhanSunny Sky Inns Yellow Crane Tower - Wuhan
Zhuodaoquan Mansion - WuhanZhong Nan Garden Hotel - WuhanDongfeng Grand Hotel - Wuhan
Ibis Wuhan - WuhanAiver Business Hotel - WuhanXimu Hotel - Wuhan
Sheng Dong Yuan Business Hotel - WuhanHubei Jinshang Club - WuhanWuhan Zhongyou Hotel - Wuhan
Ruifeng Hotel - WuhanXueLian Hotel - WuhanFenghua Shishang Hotel - Wuhan
Nuoqi Hotel - Wuhan3E Express Hotel - WuhanWei Long Hotel - Wuhan
Golden Sea Civil Aviation Hotel - WuhanWuhan Junyue Holiday Hotel - WuhanYunding Business Hotel - Wuhan
Hadengbao Fashion Hotel - WuhanSheng Bao Long Hotel - WuhanSnug Business Hotel - Wuhan

Wuhan 4 Star Hotels

Holiday Inn Mei Lian HotelNew Beacon International HotelGaoxiong Hotel
HolidayInnRiversideWuhanKingdom HotelCrown Hotel
Binhu HotelYangtze Hotel WuhanHaiyi Jinjiang Hotel Wuhan
Yangtze River Tomolo Hotels (Wuhan Wuzhan Branch)Wuhan Asia HotelWuhan Joyiee Holiday Hotel
Kairui Bluearrow Hotel - WuhanHongyi Hotel - WuhanNew Beacon Sunyee International Hotel - Wuhan
Puxiang Crown Hotel - WuhanZhong Yuan International Hotel - WuhanYangzijiang Mei Le Hotel Guangbutun - Wuhan
Guiyuan Dajue Hotel - WuhanTongyuan Hotel - WuhanWuhan Kingdom Hotel - Wuhan
Hubei Newland Hotel - WuhanZhong Tian Century Hotel - WuhanWuhan Century Garden Hotel
Grace Hotel - WuhanWuhan Liyuan HotelRun Feng Hotel - Wuhan
Hanmaster Country &ResortWuzhan Business Hotel - WuhanSeaside City Resort Village - Wuhan
Wugang Hotel - WuhanWuhan Anjuyuan Hotel - WuhanNewport International Hotel - Wuhan
Tunkou Yangtze Hotel - WuhanXinsu Hotel - WuhanWuhan Ruian Dynasty Hotel - Wuhan
Sprot-Life Garden Hotel - WuhanHubei Ziyang Lake Hotel - WuhanCitadines Wuhan Zhuankou Apartment - Wuhan
Han Zheng Ruixin Hotel - WuhanAsian Hotel Wuchang - WuhanGezhouba Hotel - Wuhan
New Seasky Hotel - WuhanChuangyi Hotel - WuhanMing Xing Hotel - Wuhan
Sentai Zhongyang Hotel

Wuhan 5 Star Hotels

Howard Johnson Hotel WuhanNovotel Xin Hua WuhanShangri La Hotel Wuhan
Wuhan Jin Jiang International HotelMarco Polo WuhanLake View Garden Hotel
East Lake Hotel WuhanSentosa Hotel ApartmentRamada Plaza Optics Valley Hotel Wuhan
Huatian Hotel WuhanSwiss Belhotel Lotus Lake WuhanWuhan Jin Jiang International Hotel
Logosun Hotel WuhanNew Beacon New Times International HotelNew World Hotel Wuhan
Hongshan HotelWuhan Country Garden Phoenix Hotel - WuhanZhao Rui International Hotel - Wuhan
East International Hotel - WuhanOptics Valley Kingdom Plaza,WuhanJunyi Dynasty Hotel - Wuhan
Renaissance Wuhan Hotel