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Ziye Hotel

No.3 Ziye Road, Tongxiang
The Ziye Hotel is located in the famous Wuzhen Ancient Town. It is 15km away from the city center and 50km away from the Tongxiang ...

$58+/night *
Standard Suite
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Lin Clan Hotel

No.3 Ziye Road, Wuzhen Ancient Town, Tongxiang
The Lin clan Hotel is located in the famous Wuzhen Ancient Town, Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province. It is 15km away from the city center, ...

$57+/night *
Deluxe Suite
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Splendid Clubhouse

No.306 Xizha Avenue, Wuzhen, Tongxiang
The Splendid Clubhouse is a luxurious hotel located in the famous Wuzhen. It is a garden style hotel civering an area of 2000 square ...

$240+/night *
Twin Bed Room
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Shinetown Wuzhen

No.418 Xizha Avenue, Wuzhen, Tongxiang
The Shinetown Wuzhen is a courtyard style hotel built upon a elite housing which has a long history, decorated in dwelling-house style ...

$259+/night *
Standard Suite
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Tong An Hotel

No.139 Xizha Avenue, Wuzhen
The Tong An Hotel is situated on the Tong An Island-east of the An Du Fang Ferry in the Xizha Scenic Area of Wuzhen, decorated in ...

$106+/night *
Extra bed
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Zhaoming Hotel

Beside the Zhaoming Academy, Xizha Scenic Area, Wuzhen
The Zhaoming Hotel is located in the Xizhao Scenic Area in the famous Wuzhen, just beside the long history Zhaoming Academy. It is ...

$106+/night *
Extra bed
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Wuzhen Guest House

No.137 Xizha Avenue, Wuxzhen, Tongxiang
The Wuzhen Guest House is situated in the South and North of the river banks. Rooms are either facing the river or the Xizha Ancient ...

$52+/night *
Superior Room
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Shuian 288 Hotel

Puji Bridge, South Entrance of Xizhan Scenic Area, Wuzhen
The Shuian 288 Hotel is located beside the Xizha Scenic Area in the Wuzhen Ancient Town, Jiaxing City. It is 16km away from the city ...

$72+/night *
Standard Single Room
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Qin Shui Yuan Hotel - Wuzhen

143-145 Zhaoming Road, Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province

$33+/night *

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Shenjia Inn - Wuzhen

Tanjiaqiao 19, Zhaoming Road

$16+/night *

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Jin Hang He Inn - Wuzhen

95 Ganquan Road(S), Wuzhen, Tongxiang

$22+/night *

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Wanshunlou Hotel - Wuzhen

538-540 Longyuan Road, Wuzhen, Tongxiang

$23+/night *

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Wuzhen Jinxing Hotel - Wuzhen

345 Longyuan Road, Wuzhen

$19+/night *

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Long Yuan Hotel - Wuzhen

No.265 Longyuan Road, Wuzhen, Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province

$29+/night *

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Wuzhen Jixiang Hotel - Wuzhen

58 Zhenlongyuan Road, Wuzhen, Tongxiang

$17+/night *

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Wuzhen has top-end hotels as well as budget hostels. The hotels here are concentrated in two areas: Xizha (West Village) and Dongzha (East Village). Hotels in Xizha are much newer and more robust. Wuzhen (Wuzhen Water Town) is in northern Tongxiang (a count-level city), Jiaxing (a prefecture-level city), Zhejiang Province, eastern China. It is about 80 kilometers from Hangzhou and 140 kilometers from Shanghai. It is one of the Top Four Ancient Water Towns in China, and has a rich culture and past.

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