Wuzhen Hotels List

There are 24 hotels in Wuzhen selected according to the good location advantage and customers’ highly evaluation, including economical tourist hotels to luxury five-star hotels. You can find the very hotel you need for your business or package tour in Wuzhen. One of our travel advisors will contact with you after receiving your inquiry within 2-12 hours as your individual travel advisor.

Wuzhen Tourist Hotels

Wuzhen Guest HouseShuian Renjia Hotel - WuzhenFu Min Inn - Wuzhen
Tongxiang Shuianzhixing Dujia Hotel - TongxiangLinhe Inn - WuzhenWangtalou Hotel - Wuzhen
Jin Hang He Inn - WuzhenWanshunlou Hotel - WuzhenWuzhen Jinxing Hotel - Wuzhen
Long Yuan Hotel - WuzhenWuzhen Jixiang Hotel - WuzhenDa Yun He Hotel - Wuzhen
Yishuige Inn - WuzhenQin Shui Yuan Hotel - WuzhenShenjia Inn - Wuzhen

Wuzhen 3 Star Hotels

Ziye Hotel

Wuzhen 4 Star Hotels

Lin clan HotelShuian 288 HotelWuzhen Pengda Holiday Hotel - Tongxiang

Wuzhen 5 Star Hotels

Tong An HotelZhaoming HotelSplendid Clubhouse
Shinetown WuzhenBset Western Gold River-Side Hotel - WuZhen