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Xitang Traditional Chinese Hostels Travel Guide

Most Xitang hostels are of Jiangnan style (traditional courtyards in regions of the south of the Yangtze River). Xitang is one of the most famous water townships in China, located in the middle of Shanghai (60 km), Hangzhou (110 km) and Suzhou (85 km). You can take direct buses to Xitang from Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Center (weekends) and long-distance bus station in Shanghai North District (80 Gongxing Road). It is noted for its profound cultural background, the well preserved ancient residential houses and the elegant watery views. The major difference between Xitang and other ancient water towns is the ceilinged corridors. There are about 1,000-meter-long (1,100 yards) ceilinged corridors beside the rivers of Xitang, which are just like the Summer Palace Corridor.

*Jiangnan: Regions south of the Yangtze River

1. Xitang Fengyasong Hostel – Zen Culture Theme Hostel


Address: 64 North Shaoxianggang Street, Xitang Water Town, Jiashan County

Hotel Name in Chinese: 西塘风雅颂商务会所

It is one of the most luxury hostels in the town. It is constructed along water, which was a house of an illustrated famous during the Qing Dynasty who owned an ancient drug store brand: Zhongjiefu. It has a great terrace looking out to the river. It is within walking distance to many popular attractions: Wood Carving Museum, Ni's Family Mansion and Button Museum. The decorations of the hostel are of a style of Zen culture. In front of the hostel, there a private dock anchoring sightseeing boats.

Xitang Fengyasong Hostel

2. Xitang Guihe Garden Hotel – A Classic Mansion at Jiangnan


Address:16 Ligentang Lane, Xiaxi Street, Xitang Water Town, Jiashan County

Hotel Name in Chinese: 西塘贵和园客栈

Xitang Guihe Garden Hotel is a classic mansion at Jiangnan* during the Ming Dynasty. It was a mansion of a celebrated Wang’s family. As to it classic Jiangnan* style, it has two large private gardens at the front and back, rockeries, pavilions, wells, flowers and green plants.

High walls separate the hotels from the outside world, which makes Guihe Garden Hostel a oasis in Xitang Water Town. It has 9 rooms in different styles with all modern amenities you may need.  

Xitang Guihe Garden Hotel

3. Xitang Bottle Time Hostel


Address: 26 Chunzuidai Street, Xitang Water Town, Jiashan County (near Wolong Bridge)

Hotel Name in Chinese: 西塘瓶中时光客栈

Xitang Bottle Time Hostel is located in the center of Xitang Water Town, along the water. Comparing to other hostels in Xitang Water Town, its decoration is of modern style. It has 9 rooms decorated in different styles and with all amenities you may need. A Bar Street is at few steps away. It can be really a happy day that drinking tea at the riverside in the afternoon and have fun at the bar street at night.  

Xitang Bottle Time Hostel

4. Xitang Lijingyuan Inn


Address: 3 Sujia Lane, Xitang Water Town, Jiashan County

Hotel Name in Chinese: 西塘丽景圆客栈

Located in the center of Xitang Water, it is a finely renovated traditional mansion in the Ming Dynasty. The most famous attraction in Xitang Water: Xiyuan Garden was the back yard garden of the mansion in old times. The location of Xitang Lijingyuan Inn is perfect, with Xiyuan Garden and Huanxiu Bridge on the ground, a few steps away from the most busy commercial street: Xiaxi Street and a ten-minute walking away from a bar street. The hotel has 16 rooms in different style with complete modern amenities.

Xitang Lijingyuan Inn

5. Xitang Shuige Renjia Hostel – Only Waterside Pavilion Hostel in the Town


Address: 34 Xiaxi Street, Xitang Water Town, Jiashan County

Hotel Name in Chinese: 西塘水阁人家

It is the only waterside pavilion hostel in Xitang Water Town. Waterside pavilion is a kind of classic architecture at Jiangnan* (Regions south of the Yangtze River). The waterside pavilions of Xitang Shuige Renjia are built in the Yangxiu River connecting with the houses at the waterside. It is usually a two-storey pavilion with large windows at four sides. It is great for savoring the beauty of the water town. Xitang Shuige Renjia is adjacent to Xiaxi Street, the busiest commercial street of Xitang Water Town.

Xitang Shuige Renjia Hostel

6. Xitang Liyuan Hostel – A Private Garden in the Ming Dynasty


Address: 10 Yejia Lane, Shangxi Street, Xitang Water Town, Jiashan County, Jiaxing

Hotel Name in Chinese: 西塘黎园宾馆

Xitang Liyuan Hostel is a finely restored private garden in the Ming Dynasty. It is located in the most distinguished lane of Xitang Water Town: Yejia Lane. The hotel is tranquil, elegant decorated with beautiful pavilions, bridges, litter rivers lively fishes, flowers and green plants.

It is one of the largest hostels in the water town, with 26 rooms. All rooms are in different styles with ancient furniture and modern amenities.   

Xitang Liyuan Hostel