Zhengzhou Hotels List

There are 103 hotels in Zhengzhou selected according to the good location advantage and customers’ highly evaluation, including economical tourist hotels to luxury five-star hotels. You can find the very hotel you need for your business or package tour in Zhengzhou. One of our travel advisors will contact with you after receiving your inquiry within 2-12 hours as your individual travel advisor.

Zhengzhou Tourist Hotels

Mei Yi Jia Hotel Zhengzhou Longhai Road InnDseke Hotel ZhengzhouJinJiang Inn Zhengzhou Chengdong Road
Zhengzhou Guangdong Business HotelMei Yi Jia Hotel Zhengzhou Jingqi Road InnWeilai Yiju Hotel Jianwen Road - Zhengzhou
Sun City Hotel - ZhengzhouJiayuan Art Hotel - ZhengzhouHanting Express Inn Wenhua Road - Zhengzhou
Leyi Hotel - ZhengzhouHome Inns Jingsan Road - ZhengzhouHuatian Inn Jingsan Road - Zhengzhou
Huang He Business Hotel - ZhengzhouWei Lai Yi Ju Hotel Beilin - ZhengzhouHome Inns Huanghe Road - Zhengzhou
Changcheng Business Express - ZhengzhouJiahe Business Hotel - ZhengzhouHome Inn Hanghai Lu - Zhengzhou
Weilai Yiju Hotel Nanyang Road - ZhengzhouGreenTree Inn Jingliu Road - ZhengzhouJinshuibaina Hotel - Zhengzhou
Jinjiang Inn Zhengzhou Train Station - ZhengzhouMotel168 Zhengzhou Nongye Road InnWeilai Enjoy Home Hong Zhuan Road - Zhengzhou
Home Inn Nanyang Road - ZhengzhouE·Ka City B&B Hotel - ZhengzhouJoy Inn Hotel Zhengzhou - Zhengzhou
Longdu Hotel - ZhengzhouHome Inn Dongming Road - ZhengzhouJinjiang Inn Wenhua Road - Zhengzhou
Star of Century Hotel - ZhengzhouJinjiang Inn (Dashiqiao) - ZhengzhouHome Inns Dong Da Jie - Zhengzhou
Gao Cheng Business Hotel Daxue Road - ZhengzhouJia Nian Hua Express Hotel - ZhengzhouCity-inn Hanghailu - Zhengzhou
Harmony Business Hotel - ZhengzhouHomeinns Hotel Zhengzhou UniversityGolden Leaf Express Hotel - Zhengzhou
Da He Business Hotel - ZhengzhouWeilai Enjoy Home Jing Er Road - ZhengzhouHuatian Inn Duling - Zhengzhou
Home Inn Wenhua Road - ZhengzhouZhengzhou Motel Erqi Plaza InnXin Ze Business Hotel - Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou 3 Star Hotels

Civil Aviation HotelWu Hua Hotel ZhengzhouZhengzhou Yuelai Hotel
Express by Holiday Inn ZhengzhouDahe International Hotel ZhengzhouHaitian Hotel Zhengzhou
Huang He Hotel - ZhengzhouJin Qiao Business Hotel - ZhengzhouThe West Lake Hotel - Zhengzhou
Airport Hotspring HotelHappy Inn - ZhengzhouHenan Huayun Hotel - Zhengzhou
Zhengzhou Henan Hotel - ZhengzhouGuangZhou Hotel - ZhengzhouYumao Hotel
Jianghe HotelZhengzhou Hotel - ZhengzhouLongmen Hotel - Zhengzhou
Tao Li Yuan Hotel - ZhengzhouGolden Sunshine Hotel - ZhengzhouQin Chao Hotel - Zhengzhou
Caixin Hotel - ZhengzhouTian Quan Hotel - ZhengzhouMing Zhu Hotel - Zhengzhou
Aegen Sea Hotel - ZhengzhouChinese Entrepreneur International Business Hotel - ZhengzhouJunting Business Hotel - Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou 4 Star Hotels

Holiday Inn ZhengzhouFeng Le Yuan Hotel ZhengzhouXinhua Jianguo Hotel Zhengzhou
Sky Land Gdh Hotel ZhengzhouRebecca Hotel ZhengzhouYingcheng Xindi Hotel Zhengzhou
Jinqiao Hotel ZhengzhouRed Coral Hotel ZhengzhouZhongdu Hotel Zhengzhou
Greatwall Hotel ZhengzhouYuehai Hotel - ZhengzhouKailai Hotel - Zhengzhou
Zhengzhou Jin Zhi Hotel - ZhengzhouZhongzhou International Hotel - ZhengzhouDa He Jinjiang Hotel - Zhengzhou
Weilai Conifer Hotel - ZhengzhouZhengzhou XinGang Hotel - ZhengzhouGuanghua Hotel - Zhengzhou
Henan De Yi Hotel - ZhengzhouZhongzhou International Hotel Weilailu - ZhengzhouYuhuayuan Hotel - Zhengzhou
Yawen Hotel - ZhengzhouZhong Tian Hotel - Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou 5 Star Hotels

Crowne Plaza ZhenzhouSofitel Zhengzhou InternationalRamada Plaza Zhengzhou
Xingya Jianguo Hotel ZhengzhouCrowne Plaza Hotel ZhengzhouYuda Palace Hotel Zhengzhou
Zhengzhou Zhongyou Garden Hotel - ZhengzhouDalangtaosha Inn - Zhengzhou