Hostels in Zhouzhuang Water Town

Zhouzhuang Traditional Chinese Hostels Travel Guide

Zhouzhuang Water Town is under the administration of Kunshan county-level city, 30 km southeast of Suzhou, 60 km from Shanghai. You can take direct buses to Zhouzhuang at The Bus Passenger Station north of Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai Stadium and Hongkou Football Court in Shanghai. Among the water towns in China, the Zhouzhuang Water Town was the first one to become famous, so that there are always lots of visitors. Boating tour and ancient bridges visiting are its specialties. People could get photos in excellent effect here since the ancient bridges, flowing waters, old streets, ancient residences and modern commercializing are perfectly combined here. With well-appointed tourist facilities and convenient transportation, Zhouzhuang is deserved the representative of Chinese water towns. Most Zhouzhuang hostels are of Jiangnan style (classic courtyard in regions of the south of the Yangtze River).

*Jiangnan: Regions south of the Yangtze River

1. Zhouzhuang Bishui Yuju Hostel


Address:14 Zhongshi Street, Zhouzhuang Water Town, Kunshan County, Suzhou (near Fu’an Bridge)

Hotel Name in Chinese: 碧水云居精品客栈

Zhouzhuang Bishui Yunju Hostel is located near one of most renowned attractions in Zhouzhuang Water Town: Fu’an Bridge. The hostel is traditional China garden yard of classic style at Jiangnan* (Regions south of the Yangtze River).

The hostel is tranquil and elegant with considerate modern amenities. It has a lounge bar in the yard, at where you can drink tea and savor traditional Chinese food of Zhouzhuang flavor.

Zhouzhuang Bishui Yuju Hostel

2. Zhouzhuang Inn


Address: 25 Xiwan Street, Zhouzhuang Water Town, Kunshan, Suzhou (near Qufu Road)

Hotel Name in Chinese: 周庄老客栈

Zhouzhuang Inn is located at the center of Zhouzhuang Water Town, at the waterside. It is a restored two-storey ancient wooden building. All the decorations are of traditional Chinese style.It has 9 rooms.

Though the rooms of the hostel are comparatively small, it is popular with tourists for its convenient location, low price and beautiful surroundings.

Zhouzhuang Inn

3. Zhouzhuang Longxing Hostel


Address: 80 Beishi Street, Zhouzhuang Water Town, Kunshan, Suzhou City

Hotel Name in Chinese: 周庄隆兴客栈

Zhouzhuang Longxing Hostel is located only 100 meters from Twin Bridges (Shuang qiao), one of the most notable attractions in Zhouzhuang Water Town. The hotel, built at waterside, is a well-restored three-storey ancient building. It has 10 rooms facilitated with considerable modern amenities.

Zhouzhuang Longxing Hostel provides A Po Tea (a speciality of Zhouzhuang Water Town) for free. Free transfer from Zhouzhuang Long-distance Bus Station or dock to the hostel is available under your reservation.

Zhouzhuang Longxing Hostel

4. Yijiangnan Inn Zhouzhuang


Address: 11 Fuhong Street, Zhouzhuang Water Town, Kunshan, Suzhou (near Quanfu Road)

Hotel Name in Chinese: 忆江南客栈

It is perfect, at waterside, adjacent to Twin Bridges (comprise of Shide Bridge and Yongan Bridge which are considered the symbol of Zhouzhuang), Shen House, the mansion of the first millionaire of Jiangnan* (South of Yangtze River) in the early Ming Dynasty: Shenwanshan and Zhang House built in the early Qing Dynasty. It is a two-storey building of classic Ming and Qing Dynasties style. It provides free transfer service from Zhouzhuang Long-distance Bus Station under your reservation.

Yijiangnan Inn Zhouzhuang

5. Zhouzhuang Zhengutang Hostel


Address: Zhouzhuang Tourist Center, Quanfu Road, Zhouzhuang Water Town, Kunshan, Suzhou

Hotel Name in Chinese: 贞固堂客栈

Zhouzhuang Zhengutang Hostel is located at Zhouzhuang Tourist Center, with very easy transportation. The hostel is a well-preserved and restored courtyard built in the early period of the Republic of China ((1912-1949).

Located at the waterside, the hostel provides 4 rooms / suites. The furniture is mainly wooden and of traditional Chinese style. You can have a try to cook traditional Zhouzhuang food at the special cooking stove of the hostel.

Zhouzhuang Zhengutang Hostel