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Huanglong Attractions

Huanglong attractions are famous for their colorful pools, white snow bergs, canyons with various plants, and verdant forests. Huanglong neighbors with Jiuzhaigou, and its altitude ranges from 3,000 meters (9,843 feet) to 3,600 meters (11,811 feet); hence, visitors need to prepare for possible altitude sickness before arriving.
Having been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, the accumulated travertine landscapes and thousands of fascinating pools greatly affect numerous visitors. You can join in our cycling tour to Jiuzhaigou, which concludes with a visit to Huanglong or tailor-make your own Huanglong tour to explore the marvelous nature landscapes.

Most Popular Huanglong Attractions

Danyun Valley

Danyun Valley Scenic Resort is 18 kilometers far away from the east of Huanglong Valley. It is famous for the elegant valley scenery.Danyun Valley is one of the five most famous scenic spots at Huanglong Scenic..

Mirror Pond

The Mirror Ponds lies at the left of Jin Sha Pu Di. The whole group has over 80 ponds in total. The ponds are very close to the forest. Therefore, it is very magnificent with the inverted reflection in water.Th..

Redstar Cave

Red-star Cave Scenic Area is located at the east of Zhangla Basin, the west of Minshan Mountain. It has a higher altitude.It is characterized in Karst landform and glacier lakes formed by the Fourth Ice Age. Re..

Xishen Grotto

Xishen Grotto is the cave under a calc-sinter stone with the width of 40 meters. The whole grotto is one meter in height, and 1.5 meters in width. There are light yellow or milky white Stalactites. It is inspec..

Xuebaoding Valley

Xuebaoding Scenic Area has splendid modern glaciers and lakes, which are well developed. It Is not only the watershed of Minjiang River and Peijiang River, but also the original place of the two rivers.Near Xue..

Yingbin Pond

When entering Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area, visitors can see many colorful ponds at their first sights. Those ponds have different sizes, and scatter in proper orders. Lush trees are li..

Zhengyan Pond

The group of Zhengyan Colorful Ponds is originated from the left of Huanglong Valley. It has totally more than 500 ponds. Thus, it is the largest scale of colorful ponds group at Huanglong Valley. It ..

Sigou Valley

Sigou Valley Scenic Area is 12 kilometers far away from Huanglong Valley. It is a spacious ancient glacier valley. The entrance of the valley is a spacious terrace. Huanglong town lies in this valley.The altitu..