Xishen Grotto

Xishen Grotto is the cave under a calc-sinter stone with the width of 40 meters. The whole grotto is one meter in height, and 1.5 meters in width. There are light yellow or milky white Stalactites. It is inspected that the grotto is the drainage of ancient glaciers.

At the entrance of the grotto, there is full of water fog. It is said that the grotto is a place for immortals to take baths. It was said that the immortals always washed away their worldly vulgarity in this grotto before they started to cultivate themselves. And it was also said that unproductive women can get pregnant, after washing in the grotto.

Those legends make the grotto more mysterious. Although the story has no scientific proves, some women expect to be pregnant after entering the grotto. Once a French couple entered the grotto without any clothes, in order to be pregnant by the pray of immortals.