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Xuebaoding Scenic Area

Xuebaoding Scenic Area has splendid modern glaciers and lakes, which are well developed. It Is not only the watershed of Minjiang River and Peijiang River, but also the original place of the two rivers.

Near Xuebaoding Peak, there are 3 mountains, whose altitudes are all about 5000 meters. It, together with the three mountains, Huanglong Mountain and Xueshanliang Mountain becomes the southeast screen of Songpan county. The total area is 160 square kilometers.

Xuebaoding Peak looks like a grand pyramid. It is the pilgrimage mountain for Tibetan Minority. At this resort, visitors can not only see sights of glaciers, but also feel the region devotion of Tibetan people. Besides, visitors can also feel the pleasure of mountaineering and adventure on the snow peak.