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Ji'an Travel Guide

Ji'an City is a prefecture-level city, located in the southwest of Jiangxi Province China, 230 km. away from Nanchang, the provincial capital of Jiangxi province. The city administers ten counties, two districts and one urban city, as well as 213 villages. The entire area of Ji'an City is 253,000 square kilometers and the total population is as high as 4,700,000 .

Ji'an City is abundant in natural resources and scenic spots. It is famous for Jingangshan Mountain, the cradle of the Chinese revolution and the birthplace of the Chinese Red Army. The city has a long history of more than three thousand years and is a provincial level historical and cultural city. Here are preserved many historical sites, such as Bailuzhou Academy, Jinju Temple (a Buddhist temple on Qingyuan Mountain) and Dongwu Tomb in Jishui.

The city has enjoyed prosperous civilizations since ancient times, and raised a large number of talents and celebrities. There were nearly 3,000 Jinshi (third degree candidate in the imperial civil service examination), 20 Zhuangyuan (champion in the imperial examination) and 32 Tanhua (third place in the imperial examination) from the Tang Dynasty until Qing dynasties. The famous saying "two prime ministers across one river, three scholars within five li" expresses this historical success. A number of major figures such as Ouyang Xiu, one of the Tang & Song Eight Talents; Wen Tianxiang, the national hero; Xie Jin, the chief editor of Yongle Encyclopedia; and Yang Wanli, the renowned writer were born here.

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Ji'an, also known as Luling and Jizhou, has a long history of 3,000 years. After the Qin (221 B.C. - 206 B.C.) unified China, Luling County was established here, and during the Eastern Han Dynasty Luling was leveled up to being a state. It was renamed Jizhou in the Sui Dynasty. In the early Yuan Dynasty, Jizhou was replaced by Ji'an because of the Chinese idiom "Ji Tai Ming An", meaning luck and peace.

Ji'an City has been praised as "the state of righteousness and literature", and has also been known as "Jiangnan Prosperous County". The city is surrounded by mountains in the east, south and west. There have always been merchants gathering here. The city became so prosperous that people also call it "Golden Luling".

Ji'an City is abundant in natural resources and scenic spots and has had prosperous civilizations since ancient time. It is famous for Jingangshan Mountain, the cradle of the Chinese revolution. In October, 1930 Mao Zedong and Zhu De personally lead the revolution in Ji'an. One of Mao Zhedong's reports says, "Hundreds of thousands of workers and peasants come to Ji'an". Other veteran revolutionaries such as Peng Dehuai, Chen Yi, Song Qing Ling, Ye Jianying also carried out revolutionary activities here.

jinggang mountain

The best time for travel in Ji'an is spring and autumn. The city enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate. It is cold in winter and spring, hot in summer and dry in autumn. It usually rains in early summer and suffers from droughts in autumn. The city's annual average rainfall is about 1,500-1,600 mm. The annual average temperature hovers around 17.1-18.6 °C.


Beijing-Kowloon Railway runs through the city from north to south. Ji'an Railway Station is located in Qingyuan Avenue, Qingyuan District, Jiangxi Province, and is adjacent to the Jinggangshan University.

Taxis in Ji'an City charge a starting fare of 3 yuan / 2 kilometers, and then 1.2 yuan per kilometer. Jetta taxis start at 5 yuan / 2 kilometers, and then 1.5 yuan per kilometer.

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Ji'an Long-distance Bus Station, as the city road traffic hub, is located at No. 2, Zhongshan West Road, Jinggangshan Avenue, Jizhou District, Ji'an City. The station serves long-distance buses to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and many cities in Hunan Province. Shuttle buses to other cities in Jiangxi Province are available as well (eg, Yichun). The station also has short-distance buses, mainly heading to villages under the jurisdiction of Ji'an.