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Ji'an Attractions

Ji'an is a small city with several tourist attractions, including historical sites, ancient villages, and natural landscapes. Bailu Island has verdant trees and an ancient academy. Wugongshan Mountain is a great tourist destination, with ancient temples and magnificent natural landscapes comprising mountains, waterfalls, caves, and ancient trees. China Highlights can help you design your own tour of Ji'an .

Most Popular Ji'an Attractions

Wen Tianxiang Memorial Hall

Wen Tianxiang Memorial Hall was built in 1984, with an architecture style from the Song Dynasty. It stands on a lush hill and follows its shape. Travelers walk through a group of tall and beautiful monumental a..

Jinggang Mountain

The mountain is in the middle section of Luoxiao Mountains, covering an area of about 213.5 square kilometers. It consists of Ciping, Longtan, Huangyangjie, Wuzhifeng, Bijiashan, Xiaokou, Tongmuling and ..

Bailu Zhou

Bailuzhou Island covers an area of around 100 square meters, with a length of 1.5 kilometers and a width of 0.5 kilometers. Because of its shape like an egret, it is named Bailuzhou Island (Egret Island). The..

Wugongshan Mountain

The scenic spot covers an area of 360 square kilometers, and is about 150 km. long. Most of the mountain is in western and central Jiangxi Province, extending from Yichun in Jiangxi Province to Chaling in Hunan..