Jingang Mountain

The mountain is in the middle section of Luoxiao Mountains, covering an area of about 213.5 square kilometers. It consists of Ciping, Longtan, Huangyangjie, Wuzhifeng, Bijiashan, Xiaokou, Tongmuling and Xiaozhou scenic spots, combining the great style and spirit of Jiangxi with amazing natural scenery. Travelers can enjoy many distinctive scenes in all four seasons.

In the autumn of 1927, Chairman Mao and Zhu De led the Red Army to establish the first revolutionary base here, so Jingganshan Mountain is also called "the Cradle of Revolution" and is written about in the histories of the Chinese revolution. Currently there are over 30 revolutionary sites on the mountain, and 10 of them are national protected sites. For example, the Revolution Museum, the Martyrs Monument, the former military headquarters of the Fourth Red Army and the former residences of Mao Zedong, Zhu De and Chen Yi are all worth visiting.

  • Location: Jingangshan Mountain is situated in Jiangxi Province, bordering Hunan Province in southwestern Jiangxi.
  • Special Distinction: Jinggangshan Mountain was "the best mountain of the world" in Zhu De's eyes. It is one of the greatest national scenic spots, and enjoys a ranking in "China's top 40 tourist attractions".
  • How to get there: There are coaches direct to Ciping from Ji'an, where travelers can transfer to enter the area.

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