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Ji'an Shopping

Located in the southwest of Jiangxi Province, Ji'an City is a famous travel resort for Red Tourism. There are rich products in Ji'an, such as switching freely Suichuan Black Folding Fan, savoury and mellow Ji'an wine (because wine is forbidden on the plane, so we do not recommend you to buy), and the strong Yellow Sheet of Paper. Otherwise, Jizhou Ancient Porcelain and Jinggangshan bamboo handicrafts are the proud of Ji'an. All the souvenirs can be found in the local department store or Wenshan Pedestrian Street.

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Siochuan Black Folding Fan

Produced in Ji'an Suichuan County, Siochuan Black Folding Fan has a long history. The folding lines are made of bamboo, while the surface of the fan is made of pure mulberry paper, which is pliable and tough. After many times of oil brushing, the Suichuan Black Folding Fan is exquisite and bright, which can protect from sunshine and water. Many tourists are attracted by its exquisite handicrafts.

  • Chinese name: 遂川黑褶扇 Suichuan Heizheshan /sway-chwan hay-zher-shan/

Jizhou Ancient Porcelain

The manufacture of Jizhou Ancient Porcelain can be dating back to the Tang Dynasty. Because of its unique style, it has gained a good reputation from home and abroad for a long time. In the Song Dynasty, Jizhou Ancient Porcelain began to sell overseas. The Jizhou Ancient Porcelain is mainly some daily wares like bowls, plates and cups. The pictures on the wares are birds, animals, or landscapes, which uses many kinds of glazing color and has a strong Jiangnan Style.

  • Chinese name: 吉州古瓷 Jizhou Guci /jee-zhoh goo-tsuh/

Special Street

Wenshan Pedestrian Street

Located in the city center, Wenshan Pedestrian Street is a very prosperous and popular shopping center in Ji'an. In Wenshan Pedestrian Street, you can not only buy costumes, but also find many souvenirs and other special things.

  • Chinese name: 文山步行街 Wenshan Buxing Jie
  • Address: in the Wenshan Pedestrian Street, Jizhou District 吉州区文山步行街
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.2 and take off at Pedestrian Street Station (步行街站).

Major Shopping Mall

Guoguang Department Store

It is almost the only department store in Ji'an, where sells variety of goods. For example, jewelries, many brand shoes and other small wares in the first floor, and women and men's costumes in the second floor.

  • Chinese name: 国光百货 Guoguang Baihuo
  • Open: 9am-10pm
  • Address: in the Wenshan Pedestrian Street, Jizhou District 吉州区文山步行街
  • Transportation: Take city bus No. 2 and take off at Pedestrian Street Station (步行街站).