Jiangsu Weather

Jiangsu Province is situated in the climatic transition belt between the warm-temperate and subtropical zones, with a distinctive humid monsoon climate. Throughout the area, the weather is mild, with abundant rainfall and distinctive seasonal changes.

The annual average temperature is 13 °C – 16 °C (55 °F – 61 °F), ascending from northeast to southwest area. The coldest month is January, with average temperature at -1 °C – 3.3 °C (30 °F – 38 °F), and the hottest month is July, with average temperature at 26 °C – 29 °C (79 °F – 84 °F). There is abundant rainfall within the province. The annual average precipitation is 730 – 1200 millimeters (29 – 47 inches), 60% of which happen during summer.

In spring (March-April), it gets warmer and flowers bloom. In summer (May-August) it is wet and scorching with occasional rain pours. Autumn (September to October) is the best time to visit Nanjing with pleasant weather. In winter (December to February) temperatures fall below zero and it is cold and damp with fog and rain.

Weather Forecasts for Major Cities in Jiangsu

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