The July-First (Qiyi) Glacier

The glacier was named after the time when it was found in July 1st 1958 by the Snow and Glacier Research Team of Chinese Academy of Science. The altitude of the lowest part of the glacier is about 4300 meters and that of the peak is 5150 meters. Its total area is 3 square meters and its total length is 30.5 km. It is 78 meters thick in average. And its slope is less than 45 degrees. The annual water storage is 160 million cubic meters, which makes it a large solid fresh water reservoir. Far from the glacier people can feel its spectacularity: a crystal and bright world under the blue sky and white clouds. A five-kilometer path winds its way into the glacier, by which a monument named as "immortal mountain and snow head" stands. The total tour area is about 4 square kilometers.

When tourists come in summer, they can see the glacier tail melting and waterfalls tumbling down. They can also see pheasants in the trees, flock and herd on the slope, snow lotus beside ice crystals. The kitchen smoke from the herdsmen's tents waving in the breeze adds liveliness to the beautiful natural picture. However, this is an unfamiliar world which attracts numerous climbers and visitors.

Questions and Answers About The July-First (Qiyi) Glacier

Ester 2012-02-20
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how I to the Qiyi Glacier from Jiayuguan? Is there a bus that goes there directly? Thank you.
Hi, the only means of transportation from Jiayuguan to Qiyi Glacier is rented car or in a arranged tour. Note the road conditions are poor at high elevation. I recommend you to travel in an arranged tour if you want to go there. Ruru Zhou replied on 2012-02-21
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