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Best time to visit Jilin Province : Located in Northeast China, Jilin has severe climate in winter. Among the attractions in Jilin Province, only the Changbai Mountains is recommended to visit in summer (June, July and August). Hence, the best time to visit Jilin Province is during the period from December to March in next year, in this period, visitors can enjoy the great happiness and magnificent scenery bringing by snow and ice.

The east Jilin province is near the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea, so this part is very wet with plentiful rainfall. The west Jilin Province borders Inner Mongolia, influenced by typical continental climate, the weather in this part is dry with sand blowing in the wind. The coldest month is January; with the lowest temperature is about -18 °C (-4 °F). The hottest month is July with the highest temperature is about 20 °C (68 °F). The period with snowfall can last from October to April in next year.

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Questions and Answers About Jilin Weather

Frederic Heng 2013-10-06
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Hi, I am planning a trip to Jilin Province and the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture for 2014. I''m thinking of April. Would the weather still be chilly then? Also, I would like to know how to get from Yanji (延吉站 · 연길역) / Tumen (图们 · 도문) ↔ Hunchun (珲春 · 혼춘) by train. Is there a train connection to Hunchun? Or must I take a bus? My end destination is Fangchuan Town at the far end bordering DPRK and Russia.

Hi Frederic Heng, Spring comes in April, with warmer and changeable weather. The average high and low temperature in April is respectively at 12 °C (55 °F) and -6 °C (31 °F). There might be light snow falls in early or mid April, but mostly the weather is clear. An overcoat, a medium sweater and base shirts should be prepared for traveling in April. for the train information, please check it from our website at :http://www.chinahighlights.com/china-trains/

Simon Huang replied on 2013-10-06
kyle 2013-03-22
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hi just wanna ask if there still snow in jilin on march 30, 2013? planning to go there if there a snow. im just really love snow. thanks
Dear Kyle, Based on the former data, it will be cool then, but it won't snow. Lussie Lu replied on 2013-03-22
MEL 2013-01-28
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What it the best tourist spot in Jilin and can we go there by train? If so, how long is the travel by train from shanghai? Thanks
Dear Sir or Madam, Jilin city is not a famous tourist city like Beiing, Xian or Shanghai. There is few of clients traveling there. Here are some attractions for reference. 1. Longtan Hill park (龙潭山公园) 2. Beida Lake ski resort(北大湖滑雪场) 3. Changbai Mountain (长白山) There are two trains from Shanghai to Jilin every day. It takes about 34-37 hours and costs about CNY750/US$121 for the soft sleeper. 4. Jingyuetan scenic area (净月潭旅游区) Lussie Lu replied on 2013-01-28
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