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Jingzhou Transportation


Jingzhou Shashi airport was originally a simple airport constructed by the army of the Kuomintang. In 1992, the airport was reconstructed. It is ranked as a second class airport in China. It has an airstrip of 1,800 meters. Boeing 737s can take off and land around the clock. Now, Jingzhou Shashi airport has routes to 15 domestic cities including: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen and other cities.

The area has the G50 Shanghai and Chongqing Highway, the G55 Highway, the Jingzhou Yangtze River Bridge, and the Jing Yue Yangtze River Highway Bridge. There are about 14 provincial highways as well as a number of county and township roads. The major long distance bus stations are the Shashi Long Distance Bus Station, the Shashi Red Avenues Bus Station, the Jiangjin Road Bus Station, the Liaoyuan Bus Station, and the Jiangling Central Station in the Jingzhou District.


In recent years, water transport has developed rapidly in Jingzhou. With the implementation of various policies, Jingzhou City's port ranks after Chongqing and Wuhan as a port along the Yangtze River. River passenger transport in Jingzhou City is handled by the Jingzhou Water Travelling Corporation. Jingzhou Water Travelling Corporation:

  • Telephone: 0716-8213225
  • Address: Port Apartment No. 21, Linjiang Road, Shashi District.


There is little passenger train service to the city, except for one minor line. Two railways run through the city running north and south: Jiaoliu Railway and the Jingsha Railway from Jingmen to Shashi. These lines connect in Jingmen City that is close by in the north. Jingsha Railway is a freight railway has seven stations along the line: Jingmen Southern Station, Tuanlin Station, Wuli Station, Shili Station, Jingzhou Station, Shashi Station, and Shashi Southern Station.

In Jingzhou City, the only train station that handles some passenger transport is the Songzi Railway Station on the Jiaoliu Railway. From this station you can reach other places around the country by transferring to other trains in other railway stations. Songzi Railway Station is about 60 kilometers away from Three Gorges International Airport and about 50 kilometers away from Shashi Airport.