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Photos of Henan Ancient Culture Tour

4-Day Henan Ancient Culture Tour

  • Attractions: Iron Pagoda, Grand Xiangguo Monastery, Millennium City Park, Dragon Pavilion, Shaolin Temple & Pagoda Forest (including Shaolin Kungfu Show), Longmen Grottoes, The National Peony Garden
  • Tour Code: KF-1
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China Tours to Kaifeng

Photos of Henan Highlights Tour

CHT-OB-03: Henan Highlights Tour

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Photos of China Jewish Heritage Tour

CHT-JT-01: China Jewish Heritage Tour

  • Duration: 13 Days
  • Destinations: Beijing→ Harbin→ Zhengzhou→ Kaifeng→ Luoyang→ Xian→ Shanghai
  • Itinerary & Price Details
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