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Datang Short Skirt Miao Village

Datang Short Skirt Miao Village (or Datang Miao Village for short, no pun intended) is located about 15 kilometers from Leishan County Village. Datang Miao Village stands out from other Miao villages in the region because of the distinctive style of dress worn by Miao females in the village. All the females in Datang Miao Village wear extremely short skirts, as short as 10 centimeters long (make that "short"!) in some instances. The most amazing thing about this is that the females of Datang Miao Village wear this extremely short skirt all year round, even in freezing winter. While the sight of "miniskirts" is not unusual for Westerners – at least not during the summer – for many Chinese people of varying ethnic origin, it takes some time getting used to, as it contrasts sharply with the more staid, mainstream Chinese practice of modesty – perhaps exaggerated modesty."

Datang short skirt Miao village

The origin of the "miniskirt" among the females of Datang Miao Village can only be guessed at (the logical guess is that it was an act of defiance that predated the Women's Liberation movement in the West by about half a millenium!). During the Ming (CE 1368-1644) Dynasty, i.e., some 600 years ago, females throughout the realm were, by tradition, required to cover practically every inch of their bodies – nothing was supposed to be exposed to a man's view. The Miao females of Datang Village – in contrast not only to other Chinese ethnic groups, but also in contrast to their own Miao ethnic minority brethren elsewhere – began to wear the "miniskirt" that they have since become famous for, for reasons completely unknown, or which, in any case, can only be guessed at, though perhaps it was indeed an act of defiance against Ming Dynasty "Victorianism".