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Qiannan Miao Village

Qiannan Miao Village is located about 23 kilometers southwest from Kaili city. It is well-known for the manufacture of traditional Miao clothes. The visitors to Qiannan Miao Village are likely to have the chance to learn about the entire process of making traditional Miao clothes. See our tours to visit miao ethnic minority villages in Guizhou.

The main traditional clothing material is homemade cloth that is spun, woven and dyed by Miao people. There is a Miao song called “Cotton Song” that teaches the whole process of finding cotton seed, selecting the seed, cultivating the land for cotton, sowing, reaping, removing the seed from the cotton, making thread, spinning, dyeing, weaving cloth and sewing the traditional cotton garments. You may not be interested in learning the song, but you may be interested in watching Miao people make their garments and buy some of their handicrafts.

In many houses, there are vats used for dying cotton material. This kind of dye vat is made of cedar planks. Their method of dying a bolt of cloth by using the vat requires about a month of immersion in indigo dying water. This process is called "aising vat."