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Xijiang Miao Village

Xijiang Miao Village is about 37 kilometers from Leishan county town and about 80 kilometers from Kaili. It takes about an hour to travel there from Kaili by car.

Xijiang is one of the biggest Miao villages in Guizhou Province. Tourist facilities, including hotels and restaurants, have opened on the developed main street. Much of the rest of the town, however, still displays traditional architecture. Strolling along the farmers’ paths you can enjoy the local environment, including a river valley with terraced fields, intricate wooden houses built in Miao architectural style, and farmers working the land with their oxen. The women still dress up with ornamental silver jewelry.

There is a big parking lot to accommodate the many tourist buses that park by the village entrance. So Xijiang Miao Village is a place close to Kaili that affords clean guesthouses and hotels and a chance to observe traditional Miao culture and the surrounding natural beauty.

Xijiang Miao villageXijiang Miao village

Most Miao people are still friendly to foreign tourists. So people can enjoy a hike around their valley and see the farms and villages surrounding the area. You may be able to have a meal with a Miao farming family. The area is surrounded by lush mountains. Depending on the season, you may see a lot of butterflies.

Travelers to Xijiang are amazed at the elegant and glittering silver ornaments worn by Miao women. On festival days they wear large neck rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, beads and sheaths of engraved silver. For a few RMB you can dress up as a Miao man or woman and have your picture taken, and you can browse in the town's several jewelry shops to take home some Miao jewelry.

The village is a center for grand Miao festivals and celebrations. Miao people from nearby villages gather in Xijiang for festival celebrations. Famous festivals include the Lusheng Festival, the Miao New Year and Sisters’ Meal Festival. Song and dance are a major part of these festivals for tourists to enjoy. See our 6-Day Guizhou Ethnic Minorities Festival Tour.

Fee: There is an entry fee to Xijiang village of about 10 USD.