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Ancient Art Street


Art Street, with its colorful local features, is probably the most interesting street in Kashgar. The street is near Idgar Mosque and is approximately 1 kilometer long. The street houses hundreds of old workshops and stalls selling a great variety of art crafts and other unique items. 

As an important point of interchange between China and Central Asia, Kashgar served as a flourishing trade spot in ancient times. Since the Tang Dynasty, the city's cultural and economical dominance gradually declined and was finally abandoned in the Qing Dynasty. Yet, this ancient trading hub retains vestiges of its outpost ambience, as is reflected in Art Street.

The bustling street is full of Muslim vendors, veiled Muslim women, and smart Central-Asian merchants selling a huge variety of local items to travelers. The wide variety of items sold here include flowers-fringed caps, ancient ethnical embroiders, dazzling golden and silver jewelry, delicate wooden carvings, simple and unsophisticated pottery, skillfully made red bronze ware, well-made melodious folk instruments, brilliant silk products, exquisite folk knives, and much more. Experience the history of Kashgar's colorful and remarkable local culture while walking along Art Street.